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Yalp - Fun with Audio Sampling



  • Record your voice - or anything - and play it at various speeds
  • Reverse it, mix it, warp it. Without having any experience editing audio.
  • Play a song - with your sound effect as the instrument
  • Write a list of notes (a b c) and play your own song
  • Combine several of these "songs" into a cacaphonus masterpiece


Encourage Creativity

  • Experimentation!
  • It should be designed so that a user can just start clicking stuff, fun stuff will happen, and
  • The user should not have to know what they are doing.
  • Stimulate thinking of how to specify notes to make a tune.

Simple, organic interface

  • It's a toy, make it fun
  • Shouldn't have menus/lists/boring stuff
  • Visual


  • The XOs have mics, which is cool.
  • I have written much of the audio-processing code. It just needs a good interface.
  • It is currently written in Python. If necessary, the core engine can be written as an extension in C.
  • Collaboration and/or sending sounds to friends? (Think about this later)
  • For the curious, YALP is play backwards
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