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Activating educators

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  1. Building a community platform for supporting and encouraging teachers who are using XOs. See educators below.
  2. Building a community platform for involving volunteers of various abilities and backgrounds (educators, teachers, and others interested in visiting and contributing). See developers below.

General Issues

How to inspire teachers to contribute?

  • Not all teachers are eager to contribute. Engage those teachers who are interested in contributing. That's an "old art."
  • Even among those who contribute, support and establish the right "voice."

Thoughts on Activities

Several kinds of activities:

  1. Digital/collaborative Activities, some w/ corresponding physical activity
  2. Activities that expand/enhance existing lessons
  3. Local activities vs. those that require internet connectivity

Local work with activities - a preliminary set; and on a Wiki/Web in the global application that will arrive later because we first have to figure out how to work locally with teachers and students who are novices and do not have connectivity anywhere anytime...

For Educators

Audience: teachers currently in the field and those about to receive XOs (along w/ OLPC staff and supporting orgs)

Emphasis: support, self-documentation, journaling/blogging, collaboration and exchange.

Project Ideas

Note: Once a project begins to take shape, create a task page for it and link to the new task page from the open projects section of the Educators page.

For Developers

Audience: teachers who want to volunteer/create lesson plans/activities.

Emphasis: constructionist ethos, transparency of information.

Project Ideas

Note: once a project begins to take shape, create a task page for it and link to the new task page from the open projects section of the Educators page.

  • Lesson Plan Jam
    • See Activating_educators#Educator_Jam
    • Bring educators of early childhood who have experiences integrating computers in constructionist ways, in and out of the classroom. Let them work in teams to build learning activities and lessons.
    • Reflection in action, guideless co-construction, platforms evaluation, etc.

Open Projects

Moved to Educators#Open_Projects

Comments and Discussion

From MaMaMedia

Emphasis on local network activities
10 activities w/ versions and themes
Aimed at K-2, computer novices We now design for Both teachers and students who are novices.
Emphasis on 3Xs.

Including initial open playful engagement and exploration , combined with structure and learning values, skills, and objectives that are suitable to curriculum and relevant to culture, location and interest.

IN JUNE : LAUNCHING initial set of 3 prototype activities, each with 3 embedded lesson plans (incl. 1 that involves internet).

We also develop a strategy for a Related developer wiki and educator wiki.

Lesson 1 is how to use activities. - open play exploration
Lessons 2 and 3 are how to make your own. - self expression, both free creative flow as well as based on thematic curricular goals.
Lesson 4-5 - Exchanges via mesh.