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XO Korea의 대 교육자 정책은 교사들의 참여 고무를 보시길.

두 가지 목표

1. 실제 XO를 사용하는 교사들을 지원하고, 동기를 부여할 커뮤니티 플랫폼의 구축. 교육자 참조

2. Building a community platform for activating volunteers of various abilities and backgrounds (e.g., educators, teachers, as well as others who are interested in visiting and contributing). See developers below. 다양한 능력과 배경을 가진 자원봉사자들에게 동기를 부여할 커뮤티티 플랫폼의 구축 (가령, 교육자, 교사를 포함한 기타 공헌자들). 개발자 참조


교육자: 교사들은 현재 현장에 있으며, XO를 사용할 이들입니다 (w/ OLPC 스태프와 지원 기관들을 포함하여)

  • 강조: 지원, 자체 문서화, 저널링/블로깅, 협업 및 소통.
  • 교육자 위키로 이전: XO 교사들
  • 교사들을 위한 튜토리얼.
    • 미디어위키 훈련 (take from Globaloria site)
    • 액티비티 활용법
    • 액티비티 저작법
  • 교사 액티비티, might incl.
    • ?
  • Syndicated country/pilot blogs
  • Personal user page, incl.
    • Instructions for getting started
    • Photo
    • Location/affiliation
    • Answers to questions
  • Ex:


개발자: 레슨 플랜/액티비티를 개발할 교사들

  • 교육자를 개발할 필요가 있음
  • 컴패니언 리포지토리/"교육 컨텐트 관리" 사이트 개발. 특성들은:
  • Educational activity guidelines. Principles incl.
    • Constructionism. It's important to realize and emphasize that we are looking at inspiring and supporting two types of constructionist learning.
      • Constructionist learning that is specifically connected to digital learning with activities with XO laptops in user-communities within developing countries around the world.
      • Constructionist learning in these same communities, that is going on in and out of school, with or without the Laptop. IN other words, we are trying to show how find ways for integrating the laptop as much as possible to as many activitoes as possible, if it makes sense; but also, we are using the fact that we can talk to these teachers about education reform in general in this context. Become a constructionist educator - the laptop (any laptop) historically being a great object to think with about new ways of learning and teaching, a catalyst of change-thinking, and an agent of change in itself.
    • Collaboration
    • Iteration
    • "View Source"
      • Lesson plans are embedded in the actual activities, and they are written for teachers but so kids can read too.***
    • Example activities from MMM?
  • Lesson Plan Jam
    • Bring educators of early childhood who have experiences integrating computers in constructionist ways, teachers who are using MaMaMedia.,com in their classrooms. Let them work in teams to build learning activities and lessons.
    • Reflection in action, guideless co-construction, platforms evaluation, etc.


Two kinds...

1. 디지털 액티비티

1a. 디지털 액티비티 w/ corresponding physical activity

2. 기존 관행을 확장/확대할 액티비티 기타 구별: 지역 액티비티 vs. 인터넷 연결이 필요한 액티비티

From Idit: We are doing two things.- Locally with the activities - a preliminary set; and on a Wiki/Web in our global application that will arrive later because we first have to figure out how to work locally with teachers and students who are novices and do not yet have connectivity anywhere anytime...

일반적 이슈

어떻게 교사들의 참여를 고무할 것인가?

  • 모든 교사들이 열성적으로 참여하지는 않습니다. 참여를 희망하는 교사들이 참여하는데 불편이 없도록 최선을 다하는 것이 우리가 할 일입니다.
  • 참여하는 이들 속에서조차, 우리는 적절한 "목소리"를 지원하고 고무할 필요가 있습니다. OLPC와 우리의 일은 특정한 교육학적 철학과 학습 이론을 지지하고 있습니다.

MaMaMedia and OLPC

Emphasis on local network activities 10 activities w/ versions and themes Aimed at K-2, computer novices We now design for Both teachers and students who are novices.

Emphasis on 3Xs. Including initial open playful engagement and exploration , combined with structure and learning values, skills, and objectives that are suitable to curriculum and relevant to culture, location and interest.

IN JUNE WE ARE LAUNCHING initial set of 3 prototype activities, each with 3 embedded lesson plans (incl. 1 that involves internet). We also develop a strategy for a Related developer wiki and educator wiki.

Lesson 1 is how to use activities. - open play exploration Lessons 2 and 3 are how to make your own. - self expression, both free creative flow as well as based on thematic curricular goals. Lesson 4-5 - Exchanges via mesh.