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This page lists the latest versions of the various activities in the "Brazil" activity group for the very latest build. These may not work on particular releases.

  • If you're looking for the versions of these activities which run on the 8.2 release stream, then you should look at Activities/G1G1/8.2.
  • Software update in the upcoming 10.1.2 release gets its list of activities to install and update either from Activities/G1G1/10.1 (a big set of activities suitable for the larger-capacity XO-1.5 laptop), or the smaller set in Activities/G1G1Lite (suitable for the original XO-1 laptop), or a deployment may use a different list.

To suggest an activity for inclusion here, please test it thoroughly on the latest release, and list it on the discussion page.


Ajuda icon Ajuda: Ajuda para o XO em Português do Brasil

Download: Ajuda (latest) (v.1)

Browse icon Browse: Web browser based on xulrunner

Download: Browse (latest) (v.122.2)

Read icon Read: Book/PDF reader

Download: Read (latest) (v.90)

Write icon Write: Word processor

Download: Write (latest) (v.75)

Paint (Oficina) icon (Oficina) Paint (Oficina): Simple paint activity

Download: Paint (latest) (v.34.1)

Chat icon Chat: Text chat

Download: Chat (latest) (v.70)

Etoys icon Etoys: Learning / programming / authoring environment

Download: Etoys (latest) (v.113)

Turtle Art icon Art Turtle Art: Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language

Download: Turtle Art (latest) (v.107)

Calculate icon Calculate: Basic calculator

Download: Calculate (latest) (v.37)

Memorize icon Memorize: A game about finding matching pairs

Download: Memorize (latest) (v.36)

Implode icon Implode: Logic game

Download: Implode (latest) (v.10)

Maze icon Maze: Maze game

Download: Maze (latest) (v.9)

Ruler icon Ruler: Graphical cm/mm ruler and grids to take measurements of lengths and angles of objects the size of XO laptop screen

Download: Ruler (latest) (v.8)

Speak icon Speak: An animated face that speaks whatever you type

Download: Speak (latest) (v.25)

Terminal icon Terminal: An activity version of the Sugar terminal

Download: Terminal (latest) (v.31)

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