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This is a page for test only.

I have removed the big activities

This page lists the latest versions of the various activities in the "G1G1" activity group for the very latest build. These may not work on particular releases.

  • If you're looking for the versions of these activities which run on the 8.2 release stream, then you should look at Activities/G1G1/8.2.
  • Software update in the upcoming 10.1.2 release gets its list of activities to install and update either from Activities/G1G1/10.1 (a big set of activities suitable for the larger-capacity XO-1.5 laptop), or the smaller set in Activities/G1G1Lite (suitable for the original XO-1 laptop), or a deployment may use a different list.

To suggest an activity for inclusion here, please test it thoroughly on the latest release, and list it on the discussion page.


Help icon Help: Documentation and Help for the XO

Download: Help (latest) (v.12)

Browse icon Browse: Web browser based on xulrunner

Download: Browse (test) (v.108.1)

Read icon Read: Book/PDF reader

Download: Read (latest) (v.90)

Write icon Write: Word processor

Download: Write (latest) (v.75)

Paint (Oficina) icon (Oficina) Paint (Oficina): Simple paint activity

Download: Paint (latest) (v.34.1)

Record icon Record: Still, video, and audio capture

Download: Record (latest) (v.92.1)

Chat icon Chat: Text chat

Download: Chat (latest) (v.70)

Pippy icon Pippy: Python Programming language/environment

Download: Pippy (latest) (v.40)

Turtle Art icon Art Turtle Art: Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language

Download: Turtle Art (latest) (v.107)

Calculate icon Calculate: Basic calculator Test version

Download: Calculate (test) (v.30.1)

Measure icon Measure: Oscilloscope and Data Logging

Download: Measure (latest) (v.32)

Distance icon Distance: Measure distance between two laptops

Download: Distance (latest) (v.22)

Memorize icon Memorize: A game about finding matching pairs

Download: Memorize (latest) (v.36)

Maze icon Maze: Maze game

Download: Maze (latest) (v.9)

Speak icon Speak: An animated face that speaks whatever you type

Download: Speak (latest) (v.25)

Terminal icon Terminal: An activity version of the Sugar terminal

Download: Terminal (latest) (v.31)

Log icon Log: An activity version of the Sugar logging tool

Download: Log (latest) (v.24)

Analyze icon Analyze: An activity version of the Sugar analyze tool

Download: Analyze (latest) (v.8)