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These are activities under development, or ideas that never turned into something fully sugarized. This is a good place to look for a short-term project, or to leave work you have done that might be interested to others but isn't complete enough to find a spot on the activities page itself.

The version and status information in some of these subpage fragments transcluded below is obsolete and out-of-date. It would be better to generate this list by querying for pages according to their Property:Devel status, see Activity queries.

icon for other EduKT : An educational platform and multimedia content creator for teachers edit
not tested 
Maintainers: edsiper?  ·  License: unknown  ·  Mime types: -
Download v.0.29 · source
Tested in: ?? (trac)
Translate: none ·    
icon for other Collage : Multimedia book authoring tool edit
Maintainers: Sophie team?  ·  License: ??  ·  Mime types:
Download v.0 ·
Tested in: 48x (slow) (trac)
Translate: ·    Activities/Gmail (latest)
icon for other Guido van Robot : A programming game in which you design controls for a real robot, IDE and lessons edit
work is being done now to integrate lessons. 
Maintainers: Jeffrey Elkner, Stas Zytkiewicz, et al  ·  License: unknown  ·  Mime types: -
Download v.?? · source
Tested in: ?? (trac)
Translate: none ·   es and en 
icon for other Calculadora : A calculator activity. Replaced by Calculate. edit
Original developers should review calculate
Maintainers: Tuquito?  ·  License: unknown  ·  Mime types:
Download v.? · source
Tested in: (trac)
Translate: none ·   original in spanish 
icon for other Math game : Math game for making a number as a function of 4 others edit
YouTube video demo 
Maintainers:  ·  License:  ·  Mime types:
Download v.?? ·
Tested in: (trac)
Translate: ·    
proposed other icon Dazzle Darts : The classic game, with networking. () +/-
Maintainers: none · License: unknown · Mime types:
Platforms: works as a python script
proposed other icon Ecomundo : An ecology turn-based game (from tuquito, never released) +/-
Maintainers: tuquito? · License: unknown · Mime types: -
Platforms: from scratch
proposed other icon Space Wars : The original. (Suggested by original developers) +/-
Maintainers: ?? check with jg · License: unknown · Mime types: -
Platforms: porting status unknown.
Translate: needs l10nI'm gimpy :)
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