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542-stopicon.png This page has a more up-to-date location: Form:Activity

This template dates from 2007 and is obsolete

  • Instead use Form:Activity to fill in an activity page
  • most of the {{OBX activity}} "badging" is redundant repetition of information from the form

You can copy some wiki markup text from this if you like it, but focus on the form. -- skierpage 07:50, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

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This is a brief Introduction to the Activity. Try not to go into technical details here. This can start quite philosophic like measure is doing: (Children learn by doing things. It is said "Give the child a hammer, and the world are his nails".)

Elements of the activity

- describe the functionality (in most activities this is what you can explore in each tab)
- try to make subdivisions and use screenshots where appropriate
- collaboration is an important feature that should be described carefully here as well
- Keyboard shortcuts


- functional test can be the first one
- welcome are cross-activity tutorials as well
- can be video, text
- Examples:
   - build an intrusion Alarm system with measure
   - create an instrument in tamtam
   - create a game with memorize (use record to take pictures etc)

How to contribute

- IRC/mailing list
- Software:
   - where to find the code
   - how to run the activity (sugar-jhbuild, XO)
   - brief overview of the code structure
   - explain details of the code if possible, maybe only snippets or interesting parts
   - bugs/features/translation people could work on
- Content:
    - tutorials that would be of interest, example games for memorize...

Future plans

There was a lot of mixture on the wiki of implemented features and upcoming ones or initial ideas. Up to here most of the things should be there already when using the latest version of the activity.

External Links

Links to other resources that the author feels strong about