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This list of activities dates from summer 2007.

Sugar Activity List
Activity Name Description Base Updated in Build l10n Current Status

General Search and Discovery

Journal File browser Y 437 - Basics work
Browse Web browser Y 437 - Web version 19 - depend on new hulahop package, embedded ogg playback added
Library Overview of content activities ? N - Maybe visible via 'Extras' / linked from a browser page

Documents (Read, Write & Share)

Read Book/pdf reader Y Y - May not be a sugar icon in the long run; Can get to it from the browser; PDF functionality good.
Write Word processor Y 437 - version 20; added collaboration; journal integration added
Collage Collage and book maker N N - Being worked on by Sophie
MikMik Distributed wiki editor N N - Not in current build; part of Mako's thesis. Being tested this month.

Feeds : News and more, (Read, Write & Share)

News Reader News reader Y Y - May not be a sugar icon in the long run; Get from the browser

Chat and talk

Chat Text chat Y 495 - Back in the builds, works through the mesh interface.
Video Chat Video/Voice chat (Call) Y 437 - Probably not a Sugar Icon. Can talk to another person over internet; peer to peer still being worked out.

Drawing & Media editing

Draw Basic Paint Y Y - In the build; GUI needs rework.
Photograph (Capture) Still and video Y Y - In the build
TamTam Music composition Y Y - In the build; partially complete.


Develop Developer's console Y Y - Not a Sugar icon. In the build; currently fragmentary; community developed.
— Python Programming language/environment ? ? - Not in current build
Etoys Learning / programming / authoring environment Y Y - In the build; presence integration underway.
Logo Logo programming language ? ? - Not in current build
Turtle Art Psuedo-Logo graphical programming language ? 437 - Needs a toolbar
Scratch Learning / programming / authoring environment ? ? - Under development
EduKT Multimedia Content Creator N N - In Development, initial 0.29 release done.

Math & Science

Calculate Basic calculator Y Y - In the build; usable as is. Maybe grouped with spreadsheet.
Calculadora Basic calculator with visualization of calculations ? ? - Some issues with render on XO
Spreadsheet Basic spreadsheet N N - Not in the build yet. Group Sugar icon with calculate
Ruler Simple ruler and cm/mm grids N N - TRIAL-2 feature complete. Needs l10n, and testing on real hardware.
Measure DC and AC Measurements using the Analog Input port N N - Not in current build.

Media, Audio & Video Players

DJ ? ? ? - Not in current build
Multi-media Gnash for early builds ? ? - Not in current build
Helix media activity Media player ? N - Not in current build


Block Party Tetris game ? Y - In the build; could use optimization, but complete.
Connect Connect-4 game Y 495 - UI Improved to tell you what is going on (waiting for player to join...); works with salut
Deducto Logic game ? ? - Running well in Sugar. Development going on to make it compatible with the UI guidelines.
Kuku Educational tutorial game N N Kuku/Localization Not in the build
Memorize Memory game (?) ? ? - Not in current build
Memoletters Memory game for learning letters ? ? - Not in current build
Memonumbers Memory game for learning numbers ? ? - Not in current build
Math game math game for making a number as a function of 4 others ? ? - Not in current build; has YouTube video demo
ABC FLower A more appropriate version of the hangman game N N - Not in current build
Reversi ? ? - Not in current build; see source
Slider Puzzle Slider Puzzle to improve on puzzle solving skills ? ? - Not in current build. Already works and the UI is almost defined. Next is sharing support.
Spray Play two- or more? player shape-pushing physics game ? ? - Not in current build. code @
3D Pong ? ? - Not in current build; on the wiki as uploaded file.
SpaceWars ? ? - Not in current build; Ported by the Silverman brothers.
DazzleDarts ? ? - Not in current build; Ported by the Silverman brothers and Vadim Gerasimov (network enabled, but not integrated into Sugar)


Poll Activity Kids make up polls and vote N N - Not in current build
Mesh Board Peer-to-peer "Craigslist" N N - Not in current build

l10n — Please note the l10n (aka Localization) elements of the activity (ie: the POT file/directory link — [http:link POT] or [[PO page]].

Launching from: mesh, taskbar, journal, clipbar, browser.