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these instructions are from early 2007 and don't reflect test cases, activities matrix, etc.

Activity testing project | Testing matrix | Activity testing guide | Activity testing template +/-

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See also: Sugar Labs testing | the Testing mailing list

Developers: need to know how to prepare your activity for testing? Follow this simple guide.

Create your activity

Obviously, we presume that you've created an activity. If you haven't, there are excellent instructions for creating an activity.

Prepare your activity

In order to be tested, your activity must be built into an activity bundle. It should exist as a .xo file. Once your bundle is created, put it up somewhere on the internet. One day, OLPC may provide perfect hosting infrastructure for your needs -- but for now, just make sure there's a link directly to your activity.

Also, make sure that the version information about your activity is accurate.

Mention your activity in Activities

Create a test plan for your activity

Your testers must know what to test. Tell them what to do. The better your test plans, the better the resulting feedback will be. To create your test plan, go to the Activity testing template and follow the instructions there. (obsolete?)

obsolete: Add your activity to the matrix

The process for putting your activity into the Testing matrix is simple.

  1. Edit the Activity Matrix, and add a row with your activity information, including a link directly to your bundle.
  2. When a tester comes around, treat him/her like a king/queen. Remember: their hard work keeps you from looking bad in front of millions of children.  :)

Get help

For help:

  1. Drop by and join the olpc-qa channel and ask a question.
  2. Join the Sugar mailing list and ask a question.