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A brief status of Android porting project.

Things have been done

Subsystem Name Status Progress Comments
Bring Up USB stick style bring up Bug fix 100%
Input Touchscreen Bug fix 100%
Input Mic Jack Bug fix 100%
Input Touchpad Bug fix 100%
Input Headphone Jack Bug fix 100%
Input Accelerometer sensor Bug fix 100%
Input OLPC ebook switch Bug fix 100%
Input OLPC lid swtich Bug fix 100% When lid is close system goes to sleep.
Input Keyboard Bug fix 100%
Input Power Botton Bug fix 100%
Input Backlight Bug fix 100%
Bluetooth Bug fix 100%
WIFI Bug fix 100%
USB Bug fix 100%
Audio Bug fix 100%
Power Manager Bug fix 100%
Video codec Bug fix 100%
Camera Bug fix 100%
Graphic Bug fix 100%
OpenGL Bug fix 100%
Duo boot Bug fix 100%

Things haven't been done

Subsystem Name Status Progress Comments
SMP <trac>12297</trac> (underway for 14.1.0)
Factory reset / Recovery Since XO-4 has OFW as bootloader provides software update.
Input Light sensor

Things can be done for future

  • Move kernel to a newer version (may based on a vendor kernel).
  • Brings us the fix of CMA which increases over all memory usage when system does not use ion memory.
  • Help us to catch up vendor's latest patches on their reference kernel.
  • Move Android to a newer version (4.4.4 at this time 30th Oct 2014) which have better performance.
  • As Android 4.4 has lots of platform optimizations for low RAM device which may also help performance on a device like XO-4.
  • Also can port some parts of the optimizations to sugar as well.