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Welcome to the OLPC Biology portal. The following information is about biology projects associated with the XO, and other software and content designed for children that may be suitable for porting.

Getting involved

All who share a passion for biology are welcome. There are no particular requirement for participating, though background writing for or teaching Biology helps. An inclination to learn or desire to teach others and share your knowledge are enough. If you are interested in these projects, please add your name below:

Recent updates

Please, include in this section any known recent updates regarding related projects.

Biology projects

Education and online projects

Software and tools

  • ZipcodeZoo has a site for collating and identifying and reviewing photos of animals from anywhere in the world, including geographic tags to place them on a map.
  • globio is a project with their own biological enyclopedia, and some individual school-pairing programs.

Biology content

People who have worked on Biology collections:


Biology (collection) is the collection for the XO curated by the E.O. Wilson Foundation. It is part of the G1G1 activity group and thus is installed on most G1G1 laptops running Release 8.2.0.


Sharing your own XX material

If you have biology material to share, you can create a bundle out of it and post it to the wiki here for review. And bear Misha Herscu's advice in mind about how easy and rewarding it is to compile things into a full book.

Other sources

field guides

  • Field Guide to the Snakes of Massachusetts (and how to make your own field guide), Misha Herscu
  • a guide to field guides

UNESCO-developed Lab Courses

Global Microscience Project (GPME)

This is an incredible resource for science education that was developed in South Africa with UNESCO funding. Contains a huge collection of experiments that can be conducted with fairly simple supplies, and it comes along with teacher guidance. Highly adaptable to OLPC purposes.

See also International Foundation for Science Education (IFSE), UNESCO-Associated Centre for Microscience Experiments,The RADMASTE Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Each is currently a 2-3 MB PDF. See more listed on Science page.

Global Project on Microscience Experiments: Primary Level

Biology, Learning Worksheets

Biology, Teacher Notes

Water Quality and Water Treatment-Manual for Learners

Water Quality and Water Treatment-Manual for Teachers