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Welcome to the OLPC Chemistry portal. The following information is about chemistry projects associated with the XO, including software and content. There is a great opportunity to blend the teaching of chemistry principles into important issues such as water/sanitation and environmental concerns.

Getting involved

Those interested in chemistry, with or without background teaching it or writing for it, are welcome.


Recent updates

  • A new chem wikislice is now available. 16:41, 18 March 2008 (EDT)

Chemistry projects

Education and online projects

Software and tools

There are some good interactive periodic tables. In addition to the chem wikislice, there is KDE's Kalzium project; but it is not particularly interactive.

Needed : good etoys activities and Measure addons for chemistry.

OpenBabel and (related projects) are Python-based FOSS and may be worth looking into porting onto the XO.

Chemistry content


Here is the current Chemistry wikislice:


Sharing your own material

If you have chemistry material to share, you can create a bundle out of it and post it to the wiki here for review. And bear Misha Herscu's advice in mind about how easy and rewarding it is to compile things into a full book.

Other sources

  • There are nice video lectures here (one per element) . An ideal solution would be to work with the creators to clarify licensing terms and address possibility to improving i18n via subtitles (e.g. get subtitle script, use to allow translation of subtitles).

UNESCO-developed Lab Courses

Global Microscience Project (GPME)

This is an incredible resource for science education that was developed in South Africa with UNESCO funding. Contains a huge collection of experiments that can be conducted with fairly simple supplies, and it comes along with teacher guidance. Highly adaptable to OLPC purposes.

See also International Foundation for Science Education (IFSE), UNESCO-Associated Centre for Microscience Experiments,The RADMASTE Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Each is currently a 2-3 MB PDF. See more listed on Science page.

Global Project on Microscience Experiments: Primary Level

Water Quality and Water Treatment-Manual for Learners

Water Quality and Water Treatment-Manual for Teachers