Builds 641-656 Notes

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Ship2 Builds

Notes on the builds leading up to the 7.1.0 "Ship.2" release that G1G1 donors received on their XOs, and some update releases following that.

Build 656, Ship.2.2

Smoke test results:

  • Could not test Installing an Activity Bundle from the web due to known IPv6 issues with
  • Could not test Installing a library bundle due to known IPv6 issues with
  • Issues encountered (not specific regressions in this build, I'm a new user and these were the biggest issues I noticed):

-DanielDrake 10:13, 9 January 2008 (EST)

Build 653, Ship.2.1

Build 650, Ship.2 Release (on initial G1G1 machines)

Read the official Release notes/7.1.0 for this build.

1 Hour Smoke Results

  • This build has successfully booted into sugar on WP and unsecured laptops. The journal loads.
  • Tried out a few activities: chat (3way), record (bug with lost pictures is fixed), write, measure, tamtam, browse, paint, pippy.
    • There are some issues with Write shutting down when trying to use it with Chat #5249
  • I successfully downloaded the gmail activity; and ran it; read some mail.
  • I tried to download the Lewis Carrol bundle, but it didn't seem to show up on my library links even after refresh. Can't resume from journal either, so I can't figure out how to see this bundle.
  • Image transfer: It takes a really, really long time to insert an image into AbiWord -- there is no indication that anything is happening, #5175.
    • Private and public invitation to write worked via salut (no jabber service at this time).


Build 642

(should be the same as 641 except that it has security turned off, no ohm, and fewer activities)

1 Hour Smoke Test Results

  • Try out a few activities: Good
    • mime type issue with record still there.
  • Image Transferring and Invite: Good
  • Installing an Activity Bundle: Good
    • GCompris activities aren't working well right now, so I installed implode from the web, which worked fine
    • I installed Watch and Listen 10 from a usb key, which was a bit slow, but worked fine.
  • Installing a library bundle: Broken
    • The downloaded files are still going in /home/olpc/Library, which the index in browse is no longer using. (this was a change made to comply with rainbow)
  • Playing an .ogg file in Browse: Good
  • Transfer files to USB stick: Good
    • again, mime type issues with record still.
  • Collaboration with Chat: Good

Build 641 (first Ship2 candidate)

Wireless update

  • 5.110.20.p4 is on 7 machines that will continue to run all weekend. These machines have HW ECOs, and have removed ohm (rpm -e ohm) since any chance of suspend/resume was causing problems (which continued to plague us during reboot, for instance). They looked good after removing ohm.
  • Another suspend/resume issue is that if you hit the power button on the front of the laptop with or without the power adapter plugged in you could get into a very bad state. trac 5074
  • I was not successful sharing a Write doc across 3 laptops with both text and an image (I didn't try an image alone). This failed in both link local and medialab AP with jabber modes. Most likely the link local problem was a crash in presence. Not sure what the jabber problem is -- Yani tried it again on the same machines and it did share... something intermittent??

- kim

  • On a C1 I had to touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-suspend in order to keep wireless up when the machine was unplugged.
  • I failed to connect to the network at a Marriott Courtyard without killing NetworkManager and manually configuring.

- cscott

  • Anything earlier than C2 or laptops with all HW ECOs will require inhibit-suspend. Even with inhibit-suspend, if you hit the 'power' button on the front - you can get strange suspend behavior (5074, above). This is why I have removed ohm.
  • I had a VERY difficult time with the tracpad on one of my C2 laptops after upgrading to q2d04l.rom. It jumped to the lower right corner nearly every time it sensed a new tap; which immediately brings up the sugar frame and causes much frustration. I now understand when people complain about this when it is at it worst.
  • I rebooted, I did the 4 finger salut, and a couple of us tried using it for about 30 minutes. Then I downgraded the OFW and it worked well again. I rebooted a few times and it always came up working well. Then I put the q2d04l.rom OFW back on ... and it still works well. I've rebooted a few times and it still works well. I'm confident that we will get some laptops returned because of this problem. Need to get to root cause.

- kim