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Cartoon Builder: Lesson Plans Overview

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Cartoon Builder: Lesson Plans Overview

Cartoon Builder lets you explore the cartoon-making process called “cell-animation” which uses a sequence of pictures with small differences to create the illusion of movement.

You can create your own cartoon by placing different pictures of a cartoon character inside the squares (“cells”) of a filmstrip, adding different backgrounds and sound effects, and playing the pictures back in order like a little movie. You can save your cartoon on the XO laptop, and share it with friends and family.

Cartoon Builder helps you explore how cartoons are created, and learn how to put creative ideas into action.

Creating a story with pictures can also help you to express ideas that you may not yet have words for.

In the process of creating and sharing your cartoons, you will also learn how to use many XO activities, including Paint, Camera, and Microphone.

Throughout the school year, the Cartoon Builder can be integrated into different subject areas (example: creative writing, art and drama). You can make Cartoon Builder images that relate to a subject the class is studying, and share them with peers.


  • Practice working with a partner
  • Learn to translate ideas into artistic images
  • Learn how to act out stories
  • Learn to articulate creative ideas to peers
  • Learn from classmates
  • Learn how to use specific programs of the XO Laptop
  • Learn how to use the Paint Program
  • Learn to express ideas you are studying through an original project
  • Learn the sequence or order of a story
  • Learn about cell animation

Lesson Plans: