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This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

Hi, Categories - plural of Category of course and this latter is a term/function/instruction the software that generates this wiki "understands" and makes it generate a page where all links to pages on a particular topic are gathered.

Let me explain further: category is used between 2 pairs of square brackets, like:


All people that add this category instruction in their pages, which in this case deal with budget, tell the software that generates this wiki to generate a link which brings people to a page where all pages are listed on this wiki where that instruction is mentioned. Great for allowing teams that work - generate pages - on a similar field of interest to discover each other or link up with pages/people that work on related or even more specialised topics.

Some examples of results of other categories are shown below. This page is in Category:Help as shown at the bottom of the page, where the wiki always lists the current page categories. When you click the edit button of this page, you'll see what the code/instruction actually looks like/how it is written.

Example category links

All the categories currently in the wiki are listed at a special page, Special:Categories.

Another interesting feature are links. This is how I use both categories and links:

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