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Guinea Stages and Budget

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The5PhasesInAnOLPCEducationalProjectImplementation.jpg Welcome to the pages where the Open Community develops the stages and budget for Guinea. The dedicated page where OLPC employees can further develop their budget on this can be found here: OLPC Guinea Stages and Budget

We think there are following stages we have to take into account to go from nothing to a 100% deploment of the OLPC Universal Education project.

  1. Commercial Phase and a budget for it
    1. Listen to the real issues and priorities of the President and the Minister of Education and the government, especially the personal priorities of the President and Minister, even more important the non-outspoken priorities. Maybe for them the PR and high visibility, concreteness of the project is the most important because he needs to get re-elected, that they will not have any risk of being ridiculised because it is supported by the top of world and the project has been implemented in several countries already.
    2. Isolate every issue and priority
    3. See if the OLPC Educational Project can be a solution and if so, formulate it
    4. Ask a confirmation if the way you saw it, they agree that it is indeed a solution to that particular isolated topic
    5. Work your way through the whole list of issues and your OLPC solution
    6. Conclude:Earliers, you told us this is the list with the issues, and we have now seen point per point how the OLPC Educational Project can solve these. What would be an acceptable budget for the Data-Retrieval Phase? And then you shut-up. First one to talk looses.
  2. Announcement, Intro and Data-Retrieval Phase and a budget for it
    1. Budget for accompanying the government
      1. to get to grips what is going to happen,
      2. to get to grips what data has to be retrieved and to retrieve the bulk of the obvious data
      3. to identify who needs to be involved
      4. make a list of what books are used now in the curricula of every school-level, compare them with the list of ebooks that are available, identify blind spots, budget what it takes to develop the ebooks that would cover those blind spots
      5. analyse what ebooks to put in what languages
      6. determine a communication and PR strategy
    2. Budget to estimate the costs for bringing the government and key-stakeholders to see, live and meet their peers in e.g. OLPC Uruguay, Uruguay - Plan Ceibal
  3. Pre-Deployment or Planning Phase
    1. Define Budget for: Purchase, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Staff.
    2. Hire project manager and Core Team managers.
    3. Select Target community (schools, centers).
    4. Define XO specs.
  4. Deployment Phase
    1. Hire staff for Core Team.
    2. Arrange training for Core Team with OLPC.
    3. Develop Laptop Distribution Plan.
    4. Design and collect data for Baseline Study.
    5. Prepare Infrastructure and Connectivity (at schools and community level).
    6. Organize and Perform Teacher Training.
    7. Laptop Distribution.
  5. Post-Deployment Phase

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