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How is OLPC funded?

Please could you list how the OLPC project is funded, as the[ Wikipedia entry]on this subject claims a citation is needed:

"OLPC is funded by a number of sponsor organizations. These include AMD, Brightstar Corporation, eBay, Google, Marvell, News Corporation, SES Global, Nortel Networks, and Red Hat. Each company has donated two million dollars." --Tomhannen 16:03, 4 December 2006 (EST)

Further Questions

Dear Sirs, what about the opportunity of entering the Internet in the Poorest Countries where no telephone line is not available? Enrico Furia

What are the expected shipment volumes or units of the olpc for 2006-2011? Do you expect the density of the NAND Flash to increase over time as the price drops to the $10 NAND price for 512MB or 4Gbit SLC NAND part today?

At Mexico the Federal Electrical Utility (C.F.E.) is starting tests for Internet communication over power lines... that is how the phone line availability can be solved. --Dagoflores 00:37, 4 August 2006 (EDT)

Some questions which I would to get answers:

1.- Is the screen able to shift orientation so it can would present text under a "book shape page format" possibly with two columns of text in a "Reader´s Digest" fashion (tested by them as the most readble format for fatigue less reading?

2.- I wonder where my proposal for educational games among teams of players (in the Scout Boy/Girls fashion) went, it just dissapeared, the games required a)Teamwork, b) Precision, c) Fast work, d) cooperation and in-teamwork study, e) etc..

3.- Ditto with my "Tool Machine Simulators" (like lathes, drills, sewing machines, construction machinery) to teach basic TRADE ABILITIES to elders & youngsters.

Only third world countries?

I'm curious, I'm helping a new educational program called the village to continue adding to their success. Essentially, the program began as a grassroots effort to improve self esteem and a sense of pride for African American students (only 19% of our AA students are graduating with a high school diploma in California). In turn, the program recorded over a 30% increase in test scores for students participating in this program. We are now looking to further accesibility of this program to more students, as well as creating an even richer environment for these students to excel (and in the future we would like to expand the program availability for other minorities). Though we are part of a first world nation, California alone has the 5th largest economy in the world, our public schools are still in dire need of support. Crenshaw High School, which recently lost it's accreditation, has only one computer on the entire campus.

That being said, will there be a way for the underprivileged children of our country be able to benefit from this program?

Two points:
There will eventually be a commercial version of the Laptop, as discussed elsewhere in this Wiki, and of course you can talk to your school board about getting other, currently-available laptops in your schools.
But the real way to get the underpriviliged involved will be over the Internet to the children who get the Laptops at school. Both sides have something to offer and something to gain from this arrangement. Get a class to adopt a village. Get a church, get a nursing home, get a Scout troop, get anybody to connect to these children. In the meantime, get your children on this Wiki, and have them start using Google, Google Earth, and the rest of the Net to find out what is going on around the world.
Your children will be astounded to find out what it means to be really underprivileged. Ed Cherlin
I find it interesting that the focus has been placed on other countries, when there are parts of this country that are in need of information technology... One computer at Crenshaw highschool??
How can I become involved in making these laptops more available to schoolchildren here in the U.S. that need them? The "adopt a village" idea seems like a good one, but with only a two week window in November, oppotunities for underpriviliged American children to have access to these laptops seem quite limited. Rag-time4 16:30, 5 October 2007 (EDT)

I tried to find some real figures - how many laptops are planned to be distributed in the first 1,2,3 years?

Suggestion: New FAQ Category: 'Deployment'

Suggest additional category for the FAQs in the vein of 'Deployment' that covers how things will work when these go out (e.g. how/which software will be included, implementing/interested partners, and all the other details surrounding that part of the effort), with possible per-country sub-categories. -Bnardone 14:49, 21 November 2006 (EST)