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My name's Ben Nardone.

I work for a development nonprofit named Pathfinder International ( Wikipedia).

Our work focuses predominantly on Reproductive Health & Family Planning. We have operations in 20+ countries in Africa, Asia & Latin America.

I'm interested in exploring how my organization might either aid the OLPC project, or work within the context of OLPC deployments to further our mission.

That participation might take any number of forms, but I’m interested in exploring things like:

  • creating content or applications for the laptops, for either students or teachers, or to help local healthcare workers use the laptops and laptop recipients to improve the health of recipients' families. more>>
  • facilitating distribution of the laptops (e.g. via our education project in Nigeria (COMPASS), which works with the large numbers of school districts)
  • using them for data collection, monitoring & evaluation (e.g. creating software to allow recipients to collect and send information that might be useful either to projects we’re working on in countries or to the greater good)

More Here>>

Have a nice day:)!