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Pathfinder in Peru

  • Pathfinder/Peru
  • Pathfinder/Peru has a current working agreement with the Ministry of Education

First contacts

  • I've talked with Milka Dinev, our longstanding Chief of Party in Peru, who just took over running our ESD project in DC. Milka is also a powerhouse of connections and productivity. She's very interested in learning more and both helping the project as well as working through the project to advance our mission. more later

Ways to help OLPC?

..looking to see how our projects in Peru might help with the OLPC

  • SJ mentioned connections to the teachers being of use. I'll enquire about that.
  • Is there a Peru deployment group that I should be getting to know?
  • Milka mentioned that she might be able to help or advise on navigating through customs & non-profit status issues during our very brief initial conversation.
  • Milka's also worked in depth with the Ministries of Education, Health & Foreign Affairs.
  • Milka will be in Boston on 6/25.

  • what else?

???? - feel free to add stuff here