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If you don't yet know me or Pathfinder, see here.

I'm looking to meet people involved in the project, whether within the OLPC team or other stakeholders. Say hello below wherever it makes sense to. Ideas & pointers engouraged.

Ongoing Dialogue

  • Too many areas of interest, so splitting to sub pages. See my user nav/sig.
  • I'm inclined to keep as much of my discourse to do with OLPC here rather than via email so that others can hopefully add to it,,
  • ,,but please do feel encouraged to email or call me anytime at c617-429-8699.
  • Please do call me if it is at all time sensitive. I won't be able to check in on this wiki as often as I'd like. At this point, OLPC represents mostly my overtime/volunteer/side project at Pathfinder, though that might change at some point.

OLPC Intership at Pathfinder

  • Summer 2007 internship has been filled by Chris Maire (User:PIOLPCIntern-1-Talk-Blog-WikiContribs- Marching)
  • There may be one or more Fall 2008 internships available. Do you know someone who might be good for this? Especially interested in anyone willing/able to work on creating some sort of data and/or story collection mechanism using the XO. Please send this to them, or them to me. (more)>>


Maybe. Contact me. Volunteer-at-home might be possible. There's some regulation or legal deal that means I can't bring in people to work at the office unless they're getting school credit (or paid, which isn't gonna happen at least in the very short term though it might at some point not too far from now).


OLPC People:

I met SJ briefly at a round table last week, but haven't yet met others from OLPC. I'd love to hear from anyone. Drop me a note here to say hello.

NGO People:

  • say hello here:)

Other People:

  • say hello here:)

OLPC, Pathfinder. Pathfinder, OLPC

I'm hoping that this is the beginning of a very significant relationship. I'm starting to try to get people at Pathfinder interested in working with, for and through OLPC.

I'm very open to help and suggestions from OLPC on that front.

We might formalize in sort of a working agreement or something at some point, but at this point, I'm mostly focused on how to best introduce the OLPC project to Pathfinders (and on getting the internship off the ground). I've gotten several key players here introduced to the project and interested in some of the things that might be achieved. I'd like to flesh out possibilities with some at OLPC and then,,

  • Might someone at OLPC be willing and able to come to Pathfinder (Watertown, MA) to do an introductory meeting with a small group of Pathfinders?
  • a brown bag sort of presentation on the project for the office at large?

This is a great idea. Let's figure out what kind of work we could do together, and then we can look into such a meeting - perhaps both of the sorts of meetings you mention. Sj talk 10:05, 21 May 2007 (EDT)



  • I've emailed Mike Egboh, our Nigeria Chief of Party (country office head) ...more>>
  • I've also started talking to our COMPASS project ...more>>


OLPC Developers


I want to hear from you. I'd like to make contact with those who are working in the OLPC environment. I'm surveying our staff to collect info about the various games that we use to teach people. I'm hoping we'll be able to create games and other software for the XO, starting with in internship this summer, but I'd also like to cultivate contacts with others who are developing for the XO.


Notes from me:

  • I'm only moderately familiar with using MediaWiki. Please forgive any of my misses vis-a-vis things like page naming conventions etc.
  • I'm wondering if I should create a role account for Pathfinder for these pages instead of these personal talk pages.

Open Jam and more info

Every Saturday from 2-6pm there will be an Open Jam. Currently it's being held at 1cc (OLPC headquarters).

While the event is targeted to kids ages 11-17, everyone is welcome! Info on RSVPing is here:

Also, OLPC_Boston has an exciting opportunity to be involved in a pilot school program here in the area. Anything and everything that you might be interested in contributing will be needed: content creation, lesson plans, tech support, Activity building, etc, etc, etc. A new wiki page has a table where you can enter your name, etc.:

Please remember to join the OLPC_Boston mailing list. From this point on I will be using that list to send out info to the group. So if you're not on the list -- you'll miss out on all the fun!