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Pathfinder in Nigeria

First contacts

  • I've emailed Mike Egboh, our Nigeria Chief of Party (country office head) to introduce him to the project. He will be here in Boston for the 6/23 & 6/24. I'm trying to get some time with him then. Not sure if I'll be able to email or talk with him before he arrives, though. Wondering if I might set something up with him and someone(s) at OLPC. Mike is a powerful force in terms of getting things done in Nigeria.
  • I've also started talking to our COMPASS project people, which is another huge project we have in Nigera that involves an Education component with links to many schools.

Ways to help OLPC?

..looking to see how our projects in Nigeria might help with the OLPC

  • SJ mentioned connections to the teachers being of use. I'll enquire about that.
  • Is there a Nigeria deployment group that I should be getting to know?
  • what else?

???? - feel free to add stuff here