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Mesh View

One of OLPC's core principles is Connection:

"The children in the neighborhood are thus permanently connected to chat, share information on the web, gather by videoconference, make music together, edit texts, read e-books and enjoy the use of collaborative games on line."

Sugar provides a collaboration framework for activities, which provides presence and data sharing.

This page is your guide to the state of Collaborative Activities on Sugar: developing them, using APIs and techniques, and assisting others in the development community.

Collaboration News

Announce new collaborative activities, new collaborative features in existing activities, or platform improvements for collaboration here.

  • Useful debugging tools at Network Resources
  • Video Chat updated and working again! See [1] for required RPMs.
  • HelloMesh code updated, to send text entered in a gtk.Entry over the Tube, and use alerts to show what happens - Release 3
  • Cerebro (a scalable, light-weight platform that provides presence information, efficient file sharing and an easy collaboration mechanism for activities) released:
  • Presence Service API improved: Update.1 provides an improvement in the creation of Telepathy channels, allowing for the removal of some of the boilerplate code previously required for activities.
  • Pippy gains simple collaboration: As of Pippy-20, joining a shared session gives you the contents of the owner's source buffer.
  • Upcoming IRC meeting on collaboration: Sugar dev meeting#Thursday April 17 2008 - 17.00 (UTC)

Collaborative Activities

These activities have collaborative features:

Activity Status Comment
Activity-web.svg Browse Shares bookmarks
Activity-read.svg Read Shares PDF Some sharing reliability issues
Activity-write.svg Write abicollab sharing Has a hub (Master) and spoke network topology which only works while the original sharer is in the shared activity. Marc Maurer (uwog) has ideas on how to hand over the Master ownership for our web service backend. Feel free get in touch with him if you'd like to help out getting this to work on the telepathy/tubes backend.
Activity-chat.svg Chat XMPP IM chat Uses Telepathy text channel, not Tubes, currently only works for a MUC, not 1-1 chats
Activity-record.svg Record Shares photos, video, audio
Activity-pippy.svg Pippy Shares source buffer at time of joining
Activity-tamtamjam.svg TamTam TamTam jam shares a drumbeat across the network
Activity-etoys.svg Etoys Etoys has many modes of collaboration, including shared objects, shared desktop, push-to-talk, etc.
Activity-calculate.svg Calculate Calculate shares variables over the network
Icon Hourglass.svg Stopwatch shares timers over the network
Activity-measure.svg Measure shares data streams over the network
Activity-acousticmeasure.svg Distance uses network (and audio) to determine the distance between two laptops
Activity-connect.svg Connect two player game over the network Collabora's original implementation of Tubes; needs extensions to activity API to finish functionality
Memorize-activity.svg Memorize multiplayer memory game also allows sharing of user-created games over the network
Activity-poll.svg Poll Builder Simple polls with sharing
Activity-Jokemachine.svg Joke Machine Share jokes
Activity-jigsawpuzzle.svg Jigsaw Puzzle
Activity-sliderpuzzle.svg Slider Puzzle
Activity-VideoChat.svg Video Chat Video/Voice chat between two participants Needs integration with mesh view, needs RPMs
Stars icon.svg StarChart No collaboration yet sharing of coordinate and time settings is planned

Please add your own activities!

Developer Resources

  • Tutorials:
  • HowTos:

Help Wanted / Offered

  • If you need help with implementing collaboration, come to #sugar on IRC and talk to me. --morgs 08:32, 14 April 2008 (EDT)
  • The Connect activity needs finishing. Patches welcome! --morgs 08:32, 14 April 2008 (EDT)