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If you are new to the use of mailing lists in open-source projects, please see An introduction to mailing lists.

Mailing lists are used extensively for communication amongst members of the OLPC community. They are used for software/hardware development, user and deployment support, general disussion, community outreach, and more. With some exceptions, OLPC mailing lists are public, meaning that anyone can subscribe and post, and anyone (even those without subscriptions) can read the archives.

A list of OLPC-related mailing lists is shown below. Clicking the links below will lead to the list's individual page, where a more thorough description and forms for subscribing can be found.

Note: This is only a partial listing. See and for the full listing of OLPC and Sugar mailing lists.

For mailing lists that are related to OLPC's mission but are not solely OLPC focused, see Outside mailing lists.

Primary mailing lists

The mailing lists shown below are the most active of those available, and are generally the first point of contact for new contributors and wide-reaching discussions.

OLPC Open General OLPC community discussion and chit-chat.
Devel OLPC hardware and software development. Not for general discussion.
Sugar-devel Sugar and Sugar-related development, such as Activities.
Server-devel School server development and deployment.
It's An Education Project (IAEP) Sugar and the learning theories that it espouses.
Localization Software localization.
Testing Testing discussions related to Sugar and OLPC.

Other mailing lists

These mailing lists may be less active (or totally inactive), and new contributors are advised to start with the mailing lists shown above. However, these quieter and more-specific lists can often be woken up by new contributors expressing interest to get involved.


Educators Educators and OLPC
Research Academic and field research about OLPC and its impacts
Health OLPC Health
Library OLPC Library and content discussions

Grassroots groups

Grassroots Grassroots OLPC groups. Exchange and share experiences in building up a grassroots OLPC group
Repairs Discussion about and for grassroots repair centers
OLPC Sur OLPC en castellano para usuarios, docentes, voluntarios y administradores
OLPC Boston Boston, MA USA Users Group
OLPC Chicago OLPC Chicago
OLPC SF OLPC San Francisco
OLPC-SoCal OLPC Southern California OSSIE (Open Source Software In Education!)
OLPC Workshop OLPC Workshops
Toronto Dev Discussion list for Toronto area OLPC developers
Roadshows XO roadshows
University Chapters Grassroots OLPC chapters at colleges and universities


Egypt Open Source Discussion of open source in Egypt
Ethiopia OLPC Ethiopia
Ghana Open Source Discussion of open source in Ghana
in Tanzania OLPC PTN in Tanzania
Nigeria Open Source Discussion of open source in Nigeria
OLPC ZA OLPC South Africa
OLPC NG OLPC Nigeria Ambassadors


OLPC India Announce OLPC India
India OLPC India
Nepal OLPC Nepal
OLPC Indonesia OLPC Indonesia
OLPC Philippines PCOLPC eKindling OLPC Philippines
OLPC Saudi Arabia OLPC Saudi Arabia
OLPC Kuwait OLPC Kuwait
OLPC Malaysia OLPC Malaysia
OLPC Vietnam OLPC Vietnam
OLPC Pakistan OLPC Pakistan


OLPC CH OLPC Switzerland
OLPC DE OLPC Deutschland
OLPC Europe OLPC Europe
OLPC France OLPC in France and francophone countries
OLPC (Austria) OLPC Austria

North America

Canada OLPC Canada No mailing list as of yet but you can connect through the wiki page

South America

Argentina OLPC Argentina
Bolivia OLPC Bolivia
Brasil OLPC Brasil
Colombia OLPC Colombia/Grassroots Organization
Kreyol Haitian Kreyol translation
Peru OLPC Peru
OLPC Haiti OLPC Haiti
OLPC Uruguay OLPC Uruguay

Development and technology

Accessibility Discussion of accessibility on the OLPC
Bugs OLPC bugtracker mailing list
olpc The Fedora-OLPC Project list for olpc operating system development.
OpenEC Discussion of OpenEC development
Security Discussion of Linux and Bitfrost security, activity isolation, 'Rainbow' (our security subsystem), and theft deterrence measures.
Peripherals Discussion for XO peripherals
Power Discussions on XO laptop power - See Category:Battery & Power
EduBlog EduBlog mailing list
Etoys Discussion of the Etoys multi-media authoring environment on OLPC
Games Games for OLPC
SocialCalc SocialCalc mailing list
Wiki Discussion of WikiReaders and related tech

Members-only groups

Support Gang Community Support Volunteers
Wiki Gang Wiki maintenance volunteers
OLPC Sysadmin Mailing list for OLPC sysadmin team
Sugar Labs Systems Mailing list for the Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

Starting a new list

The best way to start a new mailing list is to begin a discussion on a related list that already exists, and once the discussion becomes active, to ask for a separate list for that topic or that sort of traffic.

When you have a critical mass of people regularly talking about the same topic, request a mailing list by emailing the following information to sysadmin at laptop dot org:

  1. The name you want for your mailing list, with alternative names if the first one is taken
  2. A description of the list, its purpose, and why it's needed (being able to say "we've been talking on this other list for a while, and the discussion has grown too big - see these archive links" is helpful)
  3. The name/email of the list admin, and of at least one other moderator (minimum one admin and one moderator)
  4. At least 10 names/emails of people who want to be the initial subscribers

It may take a while (usually several days) to hear a response back, so please be patient!

List subscribers

  • The "Visit Subscriber List" button on the listinfo page ( does not work (Trac #5399) .
  • However, if you have joined a list, and in your current browser session you have signed in at the address, then the subscribers for many lists with non-private rosters can be viewed by visiting the corresponding web address,
    (Devel and Community-news, at least, have private rosters.)
  • A list of subscribers may also be retrieved by using the email interface to Mailman (see also [1]).
    • Substitute a particular mailing list name for LISTNAME below, and your list membership account password for PASSWORD below.
    • From your registered email address, send a note to with no subject line and include a note body line patterned like the following: