Community testing meetings/2009-01-08

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This is a Community testing meeting. Location is in #olpc-meeting on Start date::January 08, 2009 23:00 (time is in UTC, click here to find the meeting time for your time zone.)

Project updates

  • 8.2.1
  • Activity testing


Our QA is now going to be 100% community. What does this mean?

Some references:

Meeting logs

See exactly what happened at

The big question

We actually seem to be in quite good shape to take on all of QA, so... can anybody see any reason why continuing what we are doing now isn't going to work?

Concerns, questions, comments, ideas? Please post them here.

Activity testing

Activity testing wrapped up with mad mad props to all our testers from around the globe - Oceania had a great showing of test groups. There were some things that we didn't expect to get tested that were tested (NANDblaster, thanks to Joel Stanley & co.) and some things that we still have to test more thoroughly (see Appendix 1) - overall, it was a great first round, and we spent most of our time developing an infrastructure that will make it way easy to test Activities in the future.

8.2.1 testing

Brian Pepple continues to heroically lead the Friends in Testing effort. Mel Chua will continue as the 8.2.1 testing manager (and now actually has time to do it).

Brian raised a good question in terms of mailing lists: test results should go to both devel and testing, but everything else QA-related should go to testing (i.e. devel should only get our "here, test results for you!" stuff, or - hopefully more rarely - our "we can't test X until you do Y, please unblock us" emails.)

On recent changes

  • We now have a 100% volunteer QA group. YAY!
  • Testing can be managed by volunteers, says Ed. No need for it to be a staff member. (Mel is in this role for 8.2.1 as a volunteer now.)
  • The
<tabitha> so for testers - we still submit bug reports and still send in info to - but maybe no one will fix stuff?
<mchua> tabitha: I think it is more like "the people fixing stuff are now all 
volunteers instead of sometimes being employees," so our strategies for bug 
advocacy may have to shift a bit
<mchua> So, taking on the responsibility to get testing of $foo_component 
can mean several things, right?
1. you test it yourself
2. you get people around you to come and test under your supervision
3. you get people to test it


To be visited during XOCamp_2#QA - concerns from this meeting have been posted in that section, please add yours there.

Other notes

Appendix 1: Activities that need more testing

  • Help
  • the 4 TamTams
  • Pippy
  • Turtle Art
  • Calculate
  • Measure
  • Distance
  • Ruler
  • Scratch
  • WikiBrowse English
  • Log

Action items

  • bpepple to continue 8.2.1 Friends in Testing awesomeness
  • Mchua to catch up with Tabitha on the spearheading of Activity testing, and helping the top volunteer in each location
  • Mchua to post up several ways we could divide QA responsibilities, everyone please comment and chime in!
  • Mchua to visit and see a lot of people in Australia and New Zealand (...possibly more) hurrah!
  • everyone to click on and edit