Content grid for FRS

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Content grid for T3 contains up-to-date information about content that will be included in T3. This grid will be updated with that information after the T3 code freeze on 8/27. For now, this page contains information about content that will not be ready for T3, but is already slated for FRS.


Content Features for FRS
Feature Status Trac # Notes
Web interface for uploading content bundles; fragments, too
Properly display djvu and other book formats.
Webserver running smoothly for MikMik and other.
Test "publish-to-world" on backup.
Make on-demand "publish-to-world" work (similar to auto publish on backup)

Content Bundles

Content Bundles for T3
Bundle Name Subcategory Core / School Server Bundle tested? Localized? .xol URL Notes

Books.png books & reference

Science.png math & science

Images.png images & maps

Music.png music & video

Activities.png activities & games

Links.png web links

Uniwiki.png wniwiki

Additional Activities

Additional Activities (SS) for T3
Activity Name (dir name) Core / School Server / Web .xo URL Notes
Our Stories (School Server) SS ? This element will automatically geo-code each story and upload it to the OurStories web site. For FRS.
Sim City ?