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The intent of this page is to gather references and source of content that can be used to demo the XO around.

Currently, the constraints are:

  • In english (the intended targets are Nigeria and Rwanda)
  • In spanish (the intended targets are Argentina and Uruguay).
  • In portuguese (the intended target is Brazil)
  • Open - compatible Creative Commons licenses are: CC-Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc) & CC-Attribution (by)
  • Subjects (in descending priorities) literacy, math, health, great images, geography/science/landmarks/art/history

links: +/-


أدب | literature | literatura | littérature | literatura
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
child x-y Translation Dictionary for Children
Replacement images can be found here:
many => many unk
Lit02 adolescent Contains many books in full-text en unk
Lit03 portal Kennesaw resources for learning Spanish en->es not free
Lit04 child x-y Charlotte and Mecklenberg countries children's library en, es free?
Lit05 child 4-11 BBC's Introduction to Languages: from English to French & Spanish en->fr,
not free
Lit06 child x-y Story Place (US local Gov.) en, es free?
Lit07 undetermined القاموس. Arabic to English (and English to Arabic dictionary) ar->en, en->ar unk


موسيقى | music | música | musique | música

Warning: Most of these resources are protected by intellectual property laws, those that are not have been so flagged

Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Mus01 all Argentina's National Anthem lyrics es assume not free
Mus02 all Brazil's National Anthem en, es, pt assume not free
Mus03 all Libya's National Anthem en not free w/o trivial auth
Mus04 all Nigeria's National Anthem (.mp3) .mp3 assume not free
Mus05 all Rwanda's National Anthem en not free w/o trivial auth
Mus06 all Thailand's National Anthem (.mp3) .mp3 assume free
Mus07 all Uruguay's National Anthem en not free w/o trivial auth
Mus08 child+ World music (in mp3) en assume not free
Mus08 child+ Classical Music (in Midi) en free?
Mus10 child+ National Geographic World Music en not free
Mus11 child+ [.br] Bossanova Guitar en+pt assume not free
Mus12 child+' [.br] Samba Carnaval en unk
Mus13 child x-y [.br] Brazilian Midis pt free?
Mus14 child+ [.ng], a participatory site for Nigerian artists to share their music digitally en not free
Mus15 child+ [.ar] Argentine Tango Site with clips en not free
Mus16 unk [.ar] Jose Gonzalez and Juana Molina in Concert from NPR en not free
Mus17 unk [.ly] Music Page (in Arabic) ar not free
Mus18 all [.ly] Libyana Organization - Cultural Music en not free
Mus19 child+ [.uy] Ritmos de Candombe es not free
Mus20 unk [.th] eThaiMusic - Learning Thai through music en+th not free


الرياضيات | mathematics | matemáticas | mathématiques | matemática
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Math01 parents K-3 Some simple math exercises geared toward parents trying to informally teach their youngish children. en
Math02 parents K-5 Some simple math exercises geared toward parents trying to informally teach their youngish children. en
Math03 child+ An online graphing tool. (US Gov) en
Math04 child+ Math teaser problems, fun for kids.(US Gov) en
Math05 teachers NSA Collected learning units. Aside from some mention of U.S. currency, thoroughly appropriate lessons in mathematics en
Math06 child x-y? Football/Soccer related math activities for kids en
Math07 unk El Aula de Mate (too many ads, but CC) es CC-by-nc-sa 2.5


الصحة | health | salud | santé | saúde
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Hea01 various / parents The milk matters campaign plus others! (Some decent kids materials, re: calcium, brushing teeth.) en unk
Hea02 K-12 NiH Curriculum Supplements (Elementary, Middle & High school sections). Needs to be parsed extensively, there are some amazing interactive activities. Deserves more examination. en unk
Hea03 child x-y National Institute of Environmental Health Science (US Gov) en, es unk
Hea04 child x-y Smallstep Nutrition (US Gov) (Kids, Teens, Adult & Teacher sections) en, es unk
Hea05 child x-y US Food and Drug Administration for kids (US Gov) en unk
Hea06 child x-y Kids' Health en not free
Hea07 child x-y food pyramid (US Gov) en unk
Hea08 child+ BAM! Body and Mind. Lessons on disease, nutrition and fitness (US Gov) en unk
Hea09 child x-y National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (US Gov) en, es free?
Hea10 child x-y en, es not free

Buenas imágenes

صور جيدة | great images | buenas imágenes | bonnes images | imagens boas
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Img01 all A UNESCO collection of images en, es, fr not free
Img02 all National geographic photos en not free
Img03 all Corbis - Royalty free images apparently, the site claims you can use them "any way you want." en, es, fr, pt, others not free
Img04 all Tech4Learning images en ©-friendly donated images
Img05 all More royalty free images (from not free
Img06 all UNESCO Fotobanco en, es, fr not free
Img07 child x-y Collection of schooler images es unk
Img08 unk Central American and Mexican Video archive
(es - needs to be checked by a Spanish speaker)
en, es not free


آخرون | other | otros | autres | outros
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Other01 adults? New Zealand Digital Library en not free
Other02 portal Digital Librarian, massive compendium of "librarian's choice" links en not free
Other03 adult UNESCO ar, en, es, fr not free
Other04 news TeleSur News channel es CC-by-nc-nd 2.5

Recursos varios

متفرقات الموارد | misc resources | recursos varios | ressources diverses | recursos variados
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Misc01 K-12 Federal Resources for Educational Excellence. Primarily a portal to free educational resources, often to US Gov't sites en free license
Misc02 parents (& child?) The helping your child series, from the US Dept. of Ed. Its good stuff, though directed to adults instead of kids. Still, easy enough to understand, and fun enough to include? en, es public domain
Misc03 K-8 + teachers Almost certainly free, electronic classrooms from Los Angeles Country Dept. of Ed. Good stuff. Direct link to the classrooms en free?
Misc04 portal Open Directory, Educational activities en, es, fr, pt mostly not free
Misc05 search Brazilian Public Domain (Dominio Publico) Search pt not free
Misc06 adult? Brazilian External Relations Ministry (with texts and images from Brazil) en, es, pt unk
Misc07 adult? UNESCO portal ar, en, es, fr not free?
Misc08 undetermined Open Directory School activities en, es, fr, pt mostly not free
Misc09 various A CD titled "Activities with Free Software" (Actividades con Software Libre) with subjects ranging mathematics, language, drawing and transportation/road-sign codes es CC-by-sa
Misc10 various A Chilean publisher with text subjects in math, science, language, and social science es CC licensing
Misc11 various Great site in Spanish with lesson plans, articles, and forums for teachers es CC by-nc-nd
Misc12 K-12 Collection of several CD's published by es not free
Misc13 K-12 portal Arabic Kids Sites (US local) ar links to non-free?
Misc14 undetermined More Arabic Kids Sites ar, en non-free/commercial
Misc13 Ed.Inst. portal Open Directory - Educational Institutions ar, en, es, fr, pt mostly not free
Misc14 portal Open Directory - Languages ar, en, es, fr, pt mostly not free
Misc15 portal UNESCO ar, en, es, fr not free

Para alumnos

الطلاب | for students | para alumnos | pour des étudiants | para estudantes
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Stud01 K-12 portal Syvum - Education portal en, es, fr, pt not free
Stud02 child x-y international en not free
Stud03 child x-y PBS Kids + teachers & parents en not free
Stud04 K-12+ Getty Foundation for kids (includes whyville and other games) en not free
Stud05 child x-y UMich Internet public lib kidspace en not free
Stu06 K-12+ Syvum Learning, comprehensive educational site, resources k-12 and beyond en, es, fr, pt not free
Stu07 K-12+ Syvum Education Portal en, es, fr, pt not free

Para docentes

المعلمين | for teachers | para docentes | pour des professeurs | para professores
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Tea01 K-12 teacher Scholastic (not free), however we're in talks to receive some of their content en not free
Tea02 K-6 teacher Teaching Ideas. Decent site, lots of (primarily lesson plans) with what appear to be an excellent collection of activities en CC-by-nc-sa 2.5
Tea03 portal Open Directory - Lesson plans ar, en mostly not free


جغرافيا | geography | geografía | géographie | geografia
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Geo01 child+ Huge collection of maps, nearly 15,000 from numerous historical periods en CC-by-nc-sa 2.0
Geo02 child+ Geography from the Smithsonian institution en not free
Geo03 child+ World Flags en not free
Geo04 Nat'l Geographic Map Machine en not free
Geo05 child+ UN Maps en, fr not free for 'by'/free else
Geo06 child+ Perry-Castaneda maps (UTexas) en most public domain w/ exceptions


العلم | science | ciencias | science | ciência
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Sci01 child+ Interactive solar system exploration. Has a low bandwidth version (US Gov) en, es may be required
Sci02 K-12 National Science Digital Library collections by topic (primarily National Science foundation) en unk
Sci03 child x-y Howard Hughes Medical Institute Cool Science (mostly Biology) en not free
Sci04 child x-y Smithsonian for students (Science and Nature) en not free
Sci06 child x-y US Geo. Survey - biology (US Gov) en free?
Sci07 child x-y Whyfiles - Science behind the news en not free
Sci08 child x-y UNESCO Exploratorium - Children's digital museum en, es, fr not free (by-nc-nd for edu)
Sci09 child+ Brazilian birds (Brazilian govt) en, fr, pt unk
Sci10 child x-y Mi primer jardin en, es not free
Sci11 child+ NASA Interactive solar system exploration (US Gov) es may be req.
Sci12 child+ Palaeos - The Trace of Life on Earth (Fossil Galore!) en not free
Sci13 child+ xeno-canto :: bird songs from tropical america en, es, pt CC-by-nc-nd 2.5
Sci14 child+ The Encyclopedia of Earth (plenty of topics) en CC-by-sa 2.5
Sci15 unk El Aula de Mate - Ilusiones Opticas es CC-by-nc-sa 2.5


فن | art | arte | l'art | arte
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Art01 portal Open Directory Showcase for Kids Art en free?
Art02 child x-y Kids art site en not free
Art03 child 8-12y International Child Art foundation resources en not free
Art04 teachers Metropolitan museum of art resources en not free
Art05 all Classical archives - 7300 classical midis en public domain not free
Art06 portal Open Directory, Art links ar, en, es, fr, pt mostly not free


التاريخ | history | historia | histoire | história
Site Audience Content Lang(s) © license
Hist01 portal child x-y Social Studies for Kids - History links en not free
Hist02 undetermined UNESCO World Heritage Sites List en, fr not free?

Language names

english | المجلس | inglés | anglais | inglês
portuguese | البرتغالي | portugés | portugais | português
spanish | الاسبانيه | castellano/español | l'espagnol | espanhol
arabic | árabe | arabe | árabe | اللغة العربية