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Pencil.png NOTE: The contents of this page are not set in stone, and are subject to change!

This page is a draft in active flux ...
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This is a work in progress deliverable of the Improving the Deployment Toolkit project. If you have any ideas or review comments please add them to the Talk page.

The following process describes how to review and update the wiki version of the Deployment Guide and associated documents like budget planning spreadsheets to create a new release of the Google Doc version.


  • The Google Doc version of the Deployment Guide will always be available from the same URL
  • A draft of the new release will be created in a separate Google Doc whilst it is being worked on
  • Once the new release is ready for publication, the Google Doc will be updated and an announcement made on the [1] and the Deployment Guide section will be updated to refer to the new Google Doc version


  1. Planning
    1. Identify OLPC sponsor for new Deployment Guide release
    2. Agree who in OLPC is nominated to review changes to the deployment guide
    3. Agree goals of new release and high level milestone plan
    4. Update the Improving the Deployment Toolkit page in the wiki with the goals, approach and plan to share and invite input
  2. Mobilisation
    1. Form the core team that will review and refresh the current wiki and create the new release of the google doc
    2. Review and refresh this process and associated templates and interview scripts
    3. Identify key stake holders and subject matter experts
      1. Leaders and members of deployment teams
      2. Active users in the wiki
    4. Agree roles and responsibilities including who should be responsible, accountable, consulted or informed about what at which stage in the project
    5. Identify volunteers from currently active deployment teams to support the process by providing up to date experience and review of changes to the wiki and document
    6. Create a contact plan saying who would be consulted or informed when and schedule interviews
  3. Start the process of collaborating on the new release
    1. Create or update the Draft Deployment Guide by making sure it contains any changes to the current Deployment Guide since the last release as well as any modifications to text or section references planned for this release in the Improving the Deployment Toolkit page
    2. Update the talk page of the current Deployment Guide to explain the plans, refer to the goals in the Improving the Deployment Toolkit page and ask for ideas and review comments
    3. Update the Deployment Guide to say that a new version is being produced, the expected date by which it will be available, and provide a link to the talk page
    4. Agree who will watch the key pages (Deployment Guide, Improving the Deployment Toolkit, Draft Deployment Guide) and their talk pages (Talk:Deployment Guide, Talk:Improving the Deployment Toolkit, Talk:Draft Deployment Guide) to take account of and respond to comments
  4. Update the Knowledge Tree
    1. Review and update the structure of the tree to ensure it is the same as the planned section order for the new Deployment Guide
    2. Add new page references into the tree for all relevant new content in the wiki and mark with a * to indicate it needs to be created or reviewed
      1. Check to see if any of the planned new sections already exist or overlap with existing pages in terms of content and make a decision about whether to adopt the existing page, consolidate it into the new page, or reference it
      2. Review material in the ClassActs/Resources section
      3. Identify existing material that could be referred to by or moved into the new sections
  5. Once the team is familiar with the current content of the wiki Deployment Guide
  6. Conduct interviews
    1. Plan the interviews and ensure people in the core team know who is talking to who so we don't confuse people by contacting them multiple times unnecessarily or without knowledge of the output of the previous interview
    2. Use the Interview scripts as a guide to make sure you get the most out of people
    3. Write up the interview findings and store them in a new page below the Interviews section by editing that section and adding a new line of the format #[[Improving the Deployment Toolkit/Interviews/dd-mmm-yy Location Name]] then save the page, click on the new page reference and add the interview notes
  7. Review changes made to the Deployment Guide since the last release
    1. Review Talk pages to identify any relevant content that needs to be converted from conversational style and moved into the topic page itself
    2. Consolidate similar entries in the wiki and add these to the Draft Deployment Guide or replace sections if these entries supercede them and also remove the corresponding superceded sections of the wiki
    3. Where there is relevant material from external websites, either add an external page reference to the appropriate topic in the wiki or get permission from the author and copy the content into this wiki in the appropriate place, adding a reference to the external source. Consider asking the author to maintain their knowledge in this wiki rather than separately if appropriate
    4. Review sections in the document that are marked as copied from external sites
      1. Visit the external site and update the document section
      2. Identify any additional new information available at that site for incorporation into the document
    5. Review any Open Questions left by people doing deployments
      1. Answer the questions if possible, consulting the deployment teams who raised them in the process to validate the answers
      2. Update the Open Questions page and incorporate the answer into the Draft Deployment Guide in the appropriate page
    6. Add new sections (see all sections in the Draft Deployment Guide, new sections are marked with a *)
    7. Follow all links from the Draft Deployment Guide according to priorities
      1. Combine or delete pages where appropriate, updating any references to these at the same time
      2. Review and update pages to improve clarity, navigation and accuracy
      3. Split pages into multiple sections or pages where appropriate and update references to the original page to refer to the appropriate split off page
      4. Add cross references between pages where appropriate
      5. Where any pages are renamed or deleted, first check all references to that page are either removed, changed to point to a more appropriate page, or changed to refer to the new page name
    8. Review structure and flow of the Draft Deployment Guide
    9. Add additional navigation / cross references between sections as required
    10. Ensure there are clear references to the official Deployment Guide Google Doc, Deployment Toolkit and Contacts List
    11. Go through the google doc and copy useful information not present in the wiki into the wiki so the wiki becomes the fullest and most up to date version of the guide
    12. Use the discussion tab for each wiki page for sharing ideas and review comments
  8. Update the Deployment Toolkit (wiki page and excel spreadsheet)
    1. Obtain latest versions of spreadsheets
    2. Combine the OLPC Deployment Workbook Excel spreadsheet (country budget planner) with the Economic Template Excel spreadsheet
    3. Simplify
    4. Improve usability
    5. Update assumptions if required (contact authors)
    6. Align the Deployment Toolkit with the Deployment Guide
      1. For each line item in the spreadsheet there should be a corresponding section in the wiki
      2. For each relevant section in the wiki, the spreadsheet should allow budget planning for it, e.g.
        1. Power generation solutions
        2. Teacher training options
        3. Project support resourcing options
  9. Update the wiki with additional information relating to options available in the Deployment Toolkit spreadsheet# Send the Draft Deployment Guide to the nominated reviewer from OLPC, and volunteers and members of the core team who have agreed to review it
  10. Apply review comments to the wiki
  11. Create a Draft Google Doc version of the Deployment Guide from Draft Deployment Guide
  12. Review google doc with OLPC
  13. Agree publishing date and comms with OLPC
  14. Copy the Draft Deployment Guide back into the Deployment Guide
  15. Announce new Deployment Guide and google doc on [[2]] and update the Deployment Guide to say that a new release of the Google Doc version of the guide is ready for download