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Draft Deployment Guide

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One Laptop per Child (OLPC) DRAFT Deployment Guide

Pencil.png NOTE: The contents of this page are not set in stone, and are subject to change!

This page is a draft in active flux ...
Please leave suggestions on the talk page.


This DRAFT of the next release of the Deployment Guide is being created by the project Improving the Deployment Toolkit. Please leave suggestions for improving this page in the Discussion page unless you are a part of that project team. Feel free to make minor corrections/additions in-line.

This is a generalized guide to a large-scale deployment of one laptop per child. It is a working document that reflects lessons learned from our initial pilots and deployments. Additional ideas will be incorporated as we learn from each other. There is also a library of "Class Acts" for smaller school-sized deployments especially.

Please also check out the Deployment Resources for reports, links, documentation and other resources collated by deployment teams all around the world.

Every deployment includes planning (pre-deployment), execution (deployment), and support (post-deployment). Topics that need to be considered in detail in any deployment include: (Topics marked with a * are new to this release of the Deployment Guide)

  1. How to customize the deployment guide* to create a deployment plan for your specific deployment
  2. Requirements decision tree* to help describe the specific deployment environment to assess what is needed to make the deployment a success
  3. Funding decision tree*
  4. Consultation
  5. Core Team skills and competencies necessary for a successful deployment
  6. Team setup and deployment management*
  7. How to align with national & regional education policy* (including sponsorship)
  8. Logistics
  9. Localization
  10. Connectivity
  11. Power Infrastructure
  12. School Server
  13. Teacher Preparation/Student Facilitation
  14. Support
  15. Service/Repairs
  16. Internet-safety Training
  17. End-of-life Planning
  18. Appendices
    1. Links to related documents* such as training guides
    2. Templates*, e.g. training & deployment timetables
    3. Lessons learned*, e.g. Don’t rely on solar power, ...
    4. A teachers perspective*... on how to facilitate learning with the XO
    5. How to edit this wiki version of the deployment guide* (e.g. during deployments to add lessons learned and further information to help other deployments)
    6. How to create a new release of the Deployment Guide* - how to review and refine the wiki content and produce an updated release of the google doc from it
    7. Related organizations* that are involved with OLPC or may have supporting resources or be able to help
    8. Links to related websites* and where they are OLPC websites, a description of which ones are used for what purpose

Each of these topics is expanded upon in this wiki. Also in the wiki are: (I) some tips based upon our experience in trial deployments around the world; (II) a deployment checklist; (III) a sample deployment deployment schedule; (IV) a sample workshop schedule; (V) a glossary of terms; (VI) a worksheet for planning deployment needs on an individual school basis; and (VII) a guide to imaging, activating, and registering laptops.

A workbook for estimating deployment power consumption and expenses is available, along with the presentations and materials from the Deployment planning workshops held at OLPC's Boston, MA headquarters for visitors who come in to plan their large country-wide rollouts.

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