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III. Sample Deployment Schedule

Activity Owner Status/Next Steps
Preparation Assemble team
Define budget
Define any unique deployment requirements
Initial training sessions at OLPC
Site survey
Homologation, certification process
Day 0 Purchase order/Letter of credit issued
Laptops ordered
Servers, active antennae, power and connectivity equipment ordered
Localization/translation begins
Connectivity planning begins
Pedagogical planning begins
Community outreach begins
Content planning begins
Day 30 Keyboard design delivered to factory
Training manuals completed
Local technical training begins
Site preparation begins
Day 60 Teacher preparation begins
Day 90 Laptops delivered ex works
Country software “image” completed
Country content “image” completed (ebooks, etc.)
Order of activities on tool bar completed
Software QA begins
Day 120 Laptops arrive in country
Day 125 Laptops clear customs
Inventory begins (including scanning process);
Software update begins
Activation keys generated
Day 135 Regional distribution begins
Day 150 Laptops begin arriving at schools
IT infrastructure completed
Activation process performed at schools
Laptops distributed to teachers and children

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