Exploratory testing

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  For Testers
See Friends in testing for detailed instructions on how to prepare for exploratory or systematic testing.

Exploratory Testing

  • Known issues are recorded in the release notes for a release; check both the current stable release's notes and/or the in-progress release notes for the development release you're testing.
  • Sometimes people enumerate problems in Test group release notes.
  • People report problems on the testing mailing list

You should report new issues in our bug-tracking system. You can also send any issues or comments to the development list, devel at lists.laptop.org.

Test 1: Wifi Testing

Can Current test image: 11.3.1 associate with your (encrypted?) access point?

If not, let us know!

Test 2: Explore the Smoke Test

Try out parts of the release's smoke test that appeal to you.

(Older tests are available.)