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This page describes the contents of the Linux filesystem underlying the XO, particularly some unusual aspects of its use.

See JFFS2 and UBIFS on XO for the implementation of the file system on the XO.

Store things you want to persist under /home/olpc

If store data elsewhere it will be gone after the next reboot. Shi 13:57, 24 January 2008 (EST)

Example Showing Filesystem Raw Treemap

Raw treemap of joyride 2174 filesystem
Uncompressed, and with all hard links shown, you can see repeating patterns from two 'pristine' OS installs, two 'run' images, and the single actual 'running' image.

Filesystem Treemap Sections

Joyride 2174 treemap
You can see the two OS images that have previously been installed using olpc-update. /versions/pristine is the original data, /versions/run are hard linked to pristine (unless modified by the user). Top right is the actual running OS data (hard linked to one of the /versions/run blocks). /home/olpc stores all user generated data (Journal entries, Activities, etc).

Treemap Detail Breakdown

Joyride 2174 treemap detail
This image indicates some of the larger files that were part of Joyride 2174, (some of the files shown here will have been removed in more recent builds). It should help provide a sense of scale for the various sections that go to make up a build