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Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application that allows for uploading content in a Creative Commons license. Subsequently, there are millions of Commons images at flickr. In addition, there is an account set up for OLPC images and a large OLPC Group on Flickr as well.

  • For more on OLPC's flickr presence, great high-resolution OLPC photographs and images, or to download OLPC photo sets, see the page about the OLPC flickr account.
  • For more about images on the XO, see images.


Before we can gather a collection (or multiple collections) of images from flickr we must:

  • Decide what kind of images we want
  • Decide what guidelines and requirements we want images to meet
  • Decide what licensing we will require
    • Figure out a method to satisfy said licenses

Images needed to illustrate:

  • eBook (wikibook) Illustrations
  • Leveled reader Illustrations
  • Dictionary association (word abstraction layer)
  • Photojournalism

Stand alone collections:

  • Ethnography Collections
    • From multiple cultures
    • From and for distribution country
    • Children from many cultures
      • Children playing sport(s) in many locations/cultures

Photo Requirements

  • Technical Requirements
    • Focus
    • Depth of Field/Focus
    • Exposure (histogram clipping)
    • Composition (can sometimes be cropped)
    • White/Color Balance (can be adjusted/compensated)
    • Resolution/size (minimum cutoff Res?)
  • Non-offensive
    • Age Appropriate
    • Race/ethnic/tribal group
    • Religion
    • Politically
    • Must be international / Not Western-centric

This will likely be done via Content_stamping

  • License
    • Photos must at least be compatible with the Wiki License CC-by 2.5
    • Photos must be displayed in a way that provides a link from a credit page to the photo's URL on Flickr


Scope: Huge.

Completeness: Huge.

Multilingualism: French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Quality: Diverse and varied, but supports user tagging.

Freeness: Licenses selected by individuals.

Curator Info

Curator: Seth Woodworth