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  This page is part of the OLPC Community testing Project. How to test an Activity | Reporting test results | Meetings
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Get all G1G1-2008 Activities tested by Dec. 25, 2008.

There are several goals for this project.

  1. Stress-test a good community testing participation framework.
  2. Create a solid notion of what it means to "test an Activity," and how to do that.
  3. Get OLPC used to giving the Community testing team the resources they need to work on what they want to work on.
  4. And of course, get G1G1 Activities tested so that teachers, students, XO-deployers, Support gang volunteers, developers, etc. can make good decisions about what to use and what to fix and what to make based on solid knowledge of how our software measures up against their expectations.

How to help


There are some things we need to do to finish up the infrastructure. See the talk page for more details.

Ready for testing

This means the Activity has reached a point in its development where it is runnable and testable by people other than the maintainer. All of the G1G1 Activities should have this set to "true" (just go and set it to true, because it is).

Smoke tested

Go through Activity smoke testing for your Activity, then mark this property as true.

Test plans available

Create or edit a test plan for the Activity you're testing. This is often the hardest part of testing an Activity: the question you might ask yourself is "what are the things I want to find out about this Activity?" and then write a test case to find out about each.

A test plan is made of one or more test cases; test cases can be black box, white box, exploratory, or use any other methodology you like. See Category:Test cases for examples of test cases; Tests/Activity/Analyze is a good example of a very thorough test case, Tests/Activity/Paint is a smoke-test-like test case, and Tests/Activity/EToys/Mp3 is a stub test case meant to verify the absence of a bug.

When you are satisfied with the test plans you have available for your Activity, mark this property as True.

Test plans executed

Execute the test cases listed in the test plan for that Activity. When all tests for that Activity have been executed, mark this property as True.

Make sure you have the right version of the Activity you're testing before you start to test it! The Activity version should be the one listed on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/G1G1/8.2, and you can check the version you have (in 8.2.0) by putting your Home screen in list view - the number to the right of the Activity name is the version number. (For instance, the link points to a screenshot that shows Assimilate at version 10 and Physics at version 1.)

Developers responded

Contact the listed maintainer for the Activity with your test results, and ask them what they'd like to do; when you get acknowledgment from the maintainer that they received your message (and hopefully want to work with you to respond to the results of your testing), mark this property as True.

Activity list

The key activities we want to test are the "G1G1" activity group for Release 8.2.0. The page that Software update accesses for this is Activities/G1G1/8.2.

As of 2008-12-04, those activities are:

Help activity | Browse | Read | Write | Paint | Record | TamTamJam | TamTamEdit | TamTamSynthLab | TamTamMini | Chat | Pippy | Etoys | Turtle Art | Calculate | Measure | Distance | Memorize | Implode | Maze | Moon | Ruler | Scratch | Speak | WikiBrowse English | Terminal | Log | Analyze

FYI, compared with the older G1G1 activity pack for Release 8.1.0, the G1G1 activity group for 8.2.0 adds Help activity, Implode, Maze, Moon, Ruler, Scratch, and WikiBrowse English; it removes NewsReader.

Progress table

Our goal: this entire table, green.

Activity name/wiki page ready for testing smoke tested test plan available test plan executed developer response
Turtle Art
WikiBrowse English

Activity info

This is a handy cheat sheet for people who are testing Activities or trying to decide what Activities to test, and who want to quickly find information about multiple Activities at once.

Query all activities with Property:Activity group of Activities/G1G1should match except for the four TamTam activities!

Activity pages can hold info for more than one bundle, if so then one of these Property:Activity versions (possibly the biggest number) is the best version for 8.2.0.


 Activity group::Activities/G1G1
 |?Contact person
 |?Team member=Team member(s)
 |?Activity genre
 |?Activity version
 |default=No activities with Property:Activity group of Activities/G1G1??!


(Note that you can't just list 20 activities in a query — [[ Help activity || Browse || Read || Write || ... ]]seems to break if you list too many)


  • Names go here
  • Wiki usernames with user pages that point to contact info are great, too

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