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XO Caudecus

Identifying the content source

A more general discussion of locating high-quality content can be found on the Content hunting page.

The MedLinePlus materials are developed by the National Library of Medicine of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The purpose of using these materials is primarily that they are high-quality, public-domain health information. These materials were created for a lay audience in the United States. Unfortunately, some topics may not be appropriate for use in some country settings (in that they are about a level of advanced medical care that may not be generally available, e.g. organ transplantation, etc.) and some topics that would be very important in a developing country setting (tropical diseases topics and so forth) are not given enough focus (as they are not significant medical problems in the United States).

The exercise here is to work through the general mechanics of scraping usable content from a high-quality on-line health portal and walk through all of the steps of producing a finalized content bundle (in English and Spanish), that is ready for localization in to other languages and to do so in a manner that allows others to follow this model for future work, or even use it as a framework for futher development of health communication efforts.

One example of this is a proposal put forward to on the Health Mailing list that is specific to India. This sort of regionally tailored health content development will be necessary for maximum impact of the Health Portal concept.

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