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XO Caudecus

Content Review

This is a massive content scrape project (from a verifiably high-quality data source), there is an attempt to employ some automated tools for the earlier stages, but most of the detailed content review is going to be left until fairly late in the overall process. To some extent, this will also allow a prototyping/walkthrough of the sort of local content review process (post-localization) that the portal structure is intended to facilitate. For other content efforts, portions of content review should be performed at a much earlier time in the overall effort.

These parts need to be worked in / reorganized to more clearly illustrate content workflow concepts involved

The existing set of topic areas are taken directly from the MedLinePlus page and will require some modification to reflect the different prioritization of certain health topics between U.S. health priorities and a less-developed nation's health priorities. For example, "Transplantation and Donation" may not merit inclusion at the top-level index where a topic such as Clean Water and Sanitation should probably have it's own listing at the top level in many OLPC target countries, distinct from the "Poisoning, Toxicology, Environmental Health" index page.

  • Content quality review
    • This material is developed by the National Library of Medicine and will require less stringent review for pseudo-science and quackery, but content quality review is an important concept overall.
  • Content suitabilty review
    • Certain sections of this content are far too US-specific to be useful. Certain topics are not represented at all, supplement with content from WHO and PAHO.
  • Content readability review
  • Content stamping (or tagging)
    • This is where preserving the Dublin Core metadata may come in handy. But what to do for non-NLM content insertion later?

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