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Find out more about OLPC

There are plenty of ways to find out more about the One Laptop per Child project. Here are a few of the communication channels:

  • Read up and discuss OLPC on a mailing list
  • Find out about what's going on in your region
  • Chat about OLPC in IRC Chat
  • Discover more about OLPC here on the wiki
  • Simply give one or more laptops to be sent directly to children in developing countries

You can also donate to the project

Get involved locally

The first place you should look to get involved with OLPC is in your community. Chances are that there is someone else nearby that is also interested.


The XO Laptop is deployed to children in many languages; we ♥ people who can help us translate in many ways. You can:


Help us provide free and open content for children along with their XO's.


New releases of software builds, activities and collections are always in need of testing. You can help by downloading, installing and giving us feedback.

Software Development

There is a strong developer community, strongly based in Free and Open Software. If you would like to participate:


There are a few hardware opportunities for EE's and anyone interested in physical bits and bobs:

Volunteer Infrastructure Group

  • Want to get involved in helping run the OLPC servers and help fix infrastructure problems, and design and implement new systems?
  • The OLPC Volunteer Infrastructure Group (VIG) supports the rt and trac ticket systems, the development code repository, git, and assists in planning and server bug tracking and fixing.
  • There are opportunities for both experienced and novice sysadmins to help OLPC and have fun in an intellectually challenging way.

Virtual opportunities

There are many other ways to get involved online.

Other ways to get involved

Reach Out

Engage and support thinkers around the world such as: