Inertial navigation peripheral

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What this project is

Developing OLPC Peripherals is a Fall 2008 student designed course at Olin College in Boston, MA. The class focuses on development of hardware peripherals for the XO. Students will work in teams to develop peripherals and meet regularly with the entire group for guest lectures and design reviews.

Initial project notes live at Wikiversity.

The current focus of the course is to build a simple inertial navigation system for the XO.

What this project is not

This project is not a full-blown technology startup, an industrial R&D project, or anything of that nature. Our current goal is to get a proof of concept prototype working by the end of the semester - this will be significantly above ideal cost (parts will be one-offs) and in homemade casing, etc.

In short, while we'd love to see this actually get manufactured and sent out to XO owners everywhere, this is not something that we can reasonably accomplish given our experience, connections, budget, and timeline.


somewhere in here, we need a circuit diagram (under system design?) and PIC code

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