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What is an OLPC Jam?

An OLPC Jam is a creative event designed to encourage (simultaneously) experimentation and innovation in the field participants are Jamming in and to produce open-license content for the OLPC project in a short amount of time. Experienced, prepared participants work in small teams to collaborate with domain and local experts and produce a concrete product to a pre-specified problem; the creative output of the event is deployed in the field directly after the Jam. It's high-intensity improvisational fun - some participants say they've never created in such a productive development environment before.

Upcoming Jams

  • OLPC DC Learning Club will Jam on NASA Etoys on January 17, 2009. [1]
  • Translating Sugar to Aymara will take place at Aymara Fest
  • PERU OLPC Jam: Hernan Pachas is organizing a jam during the VISION 2008 and Open Source Day planned for October at the University of San Martin de Porres (USMP). Details will be forthcoming.


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Past OLPC Jams

  • Family XO Mesh Meet-up: Mike Lee teamed up with Kevin Cole to host an event at Gallaudet University on 24 May. (See for event details.)


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Stalled Jams

The status of these jams is uncertain.

Jam Resources

  • How To Run A Jam - also known as the Jam Cookbook, this is a guide for how to set up and run a Jam in your area.
  • Jam in a box - proposal in development which may or may not happen, but comments and ideas are welcome. Would this be helpful to have?

Barcamp Resources

This section is about organizing a barcamp, which may be similar to organizing a Jam.

  • Ten Steps to Organizing a Barcamp. by Crystal Williams
  • Barcamp checklist, Christiane Link's handy
  • From, How To Get Started:
  • Find a venue. Definitely the hardest part of the process. Venue donations are ideal!
  • Pick a date. Once you've got a place picked out, figure out when you want your event to happen. We've tended to try to hold Barcamps simultaneous with other events to mix up the attendee pool -- since you'll draw from both local and out-of-towners. What's most important is that it's convenient for you and works for your community.
  • Communicate. Blog, Email, IRC, wiki and document everything! Seriously, the more transparent and communicative you are about your Barcamp, the more successful you'll be.
  • Say what you need. Participants can be helpful and giving -- but if they don't KNOW that you need a few extra dollars to cover catering lunch/breakfast, t-shirts, whatever, then they can't step up to the plate and help. Remember: everyone participates. So, give everyone the information they need to be able to participate!