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Regular meetings.

First time user

Just click here for IRC meetings on the OLPC Meetings channel - this will open a web interface that will connect you right away. Just click connect when that window opens, and you're in!


Support meetings: Sundays 4PM EST/EDT (call includes weekly guest speakers, for volunteers & friends doing real work ;-)

Contributors Program: Fridays 2PM EST/EDT (#olpc-meeting on


Deployment meetings: some Tuesdays 3PM EST/EDT (#olpc-deployment on

Volunteer Infra Group sysadmin helpers: some Tuesdays 4PM EST/EDT (#olpc-admin on

Outreach: outreach and events review, every Friday at 2:15 EST/EDT

Open houses: Saturdays 1200-1600, at the MIT Museum or OLPC HQ in Kendall Square


  • OLPCorps Africa Spring 2009 only: Sunday 6 pm EST/EDT
  • G1G1 2008: every week, Fridays at 900 or 1200 EST.
    many people worked to make the G1G1 program more visible and useful to different groups - including those working on their own projects in education, sustainable development, green power and long-term poverty alleviation. We could use help triaging new offers of support and collaboration, organizing related OLPC projects at different universities and research groups towards their common goals, following up on existing projects to help give them visibility, and help presenting the program at events and conferences around the world.

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Specific meetings

Don't do this, create a page for your meeting


  • 2008-08-30, 2000 UTC : learning content discussion w/caryl, brian jordan, david c, et al.



  • 15.00 UTC
    • XS schoolserver meeting in #olpc-xs (
    • Sugar dev meeting in #olpc-meeting (