Noblesville High School

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Noblesville High School is a large suburban high school outside of Indianapolis, IN.

Team Members

Maggie Coyne (Physics Teacher)
Carolyn Beardshear (German and ESL Teacher)
Lisa Heid (Computer Science Teacher)
Zach (Senior Student)
Ben (Senior Student)



18111 Cumberland Dr. Noblesville, IN 46060


English, German, Spanish, French, Ukranian, Dari, Arabic, Chinese

Interests and Expertise

We are interested in getting our students involved in contributing to the OLPC project. We plan to engage advanced foreign language students in translating various materials for the OLPC and to engage advanced computer programming students in testing and maybe helping develop some of the software for the XO. We would also be willing to help contribute and develop instructional and curricular materials to the OLPC project.

Current Projects

We are currently working on developing a focus for this project and seeking projects that would be appropriate for our students to join.

Educational Activities

Past Projects

None yet.


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