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This page lists featured content associated with OLPC in some fashion, content that deserves special recognition and attention as a model for others. Content not ready to be featured may need to go through explicit OLPC:peer review first. Activity authors and contributors should look at the OLPC:guidelines for activity development.

Featured projects

OLPC is part of many unusual projects and collaborations, some of them deserving of wider recognition. If you uare working on a project you think has done some amazing things with XOs or their communities, nominate the project here, with a link to its works and an indication of its scope and contributors.


Our Stories

A corner of Google with 40 volunteers, and UNICEF with a dozen active country teams. Working away on a gen 2 version of the alpha site, but already open for business in 8 countries.


Bruno C. has done a lot of great work on this largely himself; with only occasional support and testing from others. Since his release, this has gotten much more interest; not a specific bundle of greatness, but a good project to consider and a role model for how to mass-sugarize a set of similar programs.

Featured bundles

Please nominate activities and content collections you find inspiring or excellent.



The Wilson biology collection sets a high bar for what an 'overview' bundle should be. --Sj talk

Brilliant pages

Pages on the wiki that contain brilliant writing, documentation, templates, or other work. See also OLPC:peer review for content that has been nominated for peer review. Currently a section of the larger featured content page.


  • Taste the Rainbow - mstone is shy about this, but it's already quite good. Maybe not brilliant yet, but worth a discussion.
  • Build system - nominated recently on IRC
  • Educators - perhaps poorly named, but contains some excellent nuggets of information
  • ..

Brilliant pages

none have been accepted yet. for a discussion of the nom and approval process, see talk.

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