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Older examples


  • from the wiki - OLPC India event, with names & photos: Events/HBC-DBF, December 2009
  • Nicholas spoke at UCLA on Nov # for the 40th Anniversary of the Internet.
  • Adam spoke about OLPC at Fedora meetings in Toronto.
  • The Bigenho clan is preparing for an XO roadshow at an educators conf in [name your state]
  • SJ presented in Paris in Nov on the need for simple, localized multimedia-publishing tools for educators

Engineering: input from Ed & Wad on the 1.5 bringup.

Public talks: Slides and responses from events and meetups

Press mentions

  • NYT Arts section
  • HuffPost blog
  • Xconomy article on future XO models, and the hot OLPC France recap based on same

Current news outlets

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