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The contents of this page are considered outdated and some of the information may be stale. Please use information here with caution, or update it.

Welcome to the OLPC newsroom, where news is revised for inclusion in future magazines. Please submit story ideas or sign up to help out with one of the beats below. Drafts can be posted on-wiki at OLPC:Newsletter, or directly to the news site.

Potential stories

Pilots and regional developments

Birmingham, AL: Notes from people in the city on regional impact; photos from school events. Stories of cross-school effects as teachers from different scohols compare notes and methods.

Chester, PA: Notes wanted from lead teachers from any grade, who have the task of integrating XOs into their daily work; and from techies improving the network to handle the new demand for traffic and biulding-to-building connectivity.

For Chetser and Birmingham: personal anecdotes from students and parents, links to relevant social and non-school blogs.

Nicaragua: Hello Laptop, Daniel Drake, and Jennifer M. have all been there working in schools. Stories wanted about the national mood, the country project progress, or any individual school.

Colombia: A steadily growing partnership, worth discussion.

Haiti: 60 schools were on the official list to take part in the original XO deployment. A number of teachers have engaged in training programs since the start of the initiative. Local stories in Kreyol, French or English would be welcome. An update from the maintainers and developers of the haiti website or recent alternatives would be interesting.

Peru: Documentary and government work to track the progress of the project wanted. Personal-interest stories to complement the clinical studies coming out.

Mexico: Stories of localization and culture from individual regional deployments within the country. Comments from Mochila Digital organizers about how their XO and Classmate programs have gone, and what it was like setting up their collaborative sites. New updates from Sonora.

All LatAm stories most interesting posted in Spanish and then translated.

West Bank and Gaza: Stories from someone involved with a deployment; any angle would be of interest. Follow-up on last year's announcements and gathering.

Nigeria: Stories from past organizers and visitors to early Galadima, and recent work elsewhere in the country, wanted for contrast. Parent and teacher perspectives.

Ethiopia: News and photos wanted on what the teachers and schools have been doing in recent months.

Oceania: Videochat one year on -- how has the experience held up? Are classes still experimenting with it? Niue update.

India: Lots of tiny deployment schools have showed up on the map. A story from someone who has travelled to individual cities, perhaps Sameer or a local university student, would be excellent. Great photos have come from here in the past; and OLPC India produces a short newsletter of their own.

Pakistan: Updates and past stories. Bonus points for a video clip with Habib.

Mongolia: Some partners have been active there in the past year; updates and photos! wanted. Offline work with Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and more.

Sichuan: OLPC Asia continues to produce delicious photos. Wanted: a chinese-language blog from a participant.


Regular beats:

  • Documentary work - videos, journals, and storytelling from children, families, teachers, and visitors in the field
  • Country updates - the latest news about Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, Ghana, Nepal, and all the other active OLPC countries.
  • Hardware - someone to nudge Richard, Wad, Ed and others to release images and give short talks on camera about the latest and greatest
  • Software - notes about Sugar, Xugar, SOAS, and F11 on 1.5
  • Content - new great collections and activities, digital books, and Stevia updates
  • Community - local meetups and efforts across chapters and regions
  • Projects - new Projects and Contributors efforts

Community updates

Updates from various parts of the OLPC community are always welcome! If you are working on a local project, a global barnraising, campus advocacy or school coordination, please let us know how you are doing.

These updates will be edited for brevity, and filtered into regular compilations like a visual newsletter or a snapshot of the magazine. They can be reused in announcements and campaigns. If you have a longer story to share, you can draft it here and post it as a guest contributor on the OLPC blog. More technical or info-geeky detail is loved by some audiences.


Archives: to 2009 to mid-2010