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542-stopicon.png This page has a more up-to-date location: unclear..., this page from 2007 is not how we're doing it

Style guidelines for new activities follow. Test page at Activities/tmp

 {{activity-summary}} for bundles that are functional and can be tested
 {{activity-pre-summary}} for those in design or only working on other platforms
 {{activity-idea-summary}} for ideas with a wikipage and description but no details
    • Nope, most activities actually have a page that
      • uses the semantic form information you access with the [edit with form] button to create an Activity Summary
      • and also uses some OBX badge templates such as {{OBX activity}} to display attractive information
      • and also maintain separate fragment(s) e.g. Activities/Chat (latest) that can be transcluded into pages that list activities.
  • Add a single line for your activity in the appropriate section at Activities/tmp -- currently at a temporary page until it is finished.


The style guide needs a section just for naming; one for activity fields and metadata; one for licensing and license linking; and one for credit/attributing authors.

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