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I - --SvenAERTS 09:13, 25 February 2014 (UTC) - sent following email

Subject: Att: Delegate's name - 3296th Council meeting Education, Youth, Culture and Sport - Request for collaboration from the olpc-europe community. We would like to have a talk.

Dear M.,

I'm a member of the open-community, open-hardware, open-software and open-robotics initiative "One Laptopschool Per Child" and we would like to help you reach your goals. OLPC aligns with Millennium Development Goal nr2. and supported by Kofi ANAN, Ban KI-MOON, Unesco, etc.

Can you have quick look at the 2' video's on the iniative on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Europe


  1. Is there room for an open source AND open hardware laptop annex tablet in the EU Educational Landscape?
  2. FAQ and Most Frequent Misconceptions
    1. How much does the laptop cost? 160 € + 30 € for the PV panel
    2. The deployment pays for itself thanks to the CO2e certificates the deployment generates and the additional tax revenues from an ict literate and equipped population who is more capable in generating additional value and consequently spends on more advanced gsm/satellite etc. on which the gvt. levies taxes.
    3. A computer for poor kids or simply the best educational laptop-x-tablet for any kid, including yours? You don't want to give your kid a 750 € iPad; you want a school reduced so it fits in a sturdy child proof lunch box and chatbots as 1st line teachers. Put 4 wheels on it and you have a robot, put 4 rotors on it and you have a drone.
  3. Plan of Action
    1. A budget for lectures and workshops: who are the leaders in the educational landscape in your country?
    2. A budget for a labo in every region where the educational landscape can meet the XO-XS, robotics
  4. An olpc cell in your organization?
  5. Update: About ALL kids in Uruguay, Peru, Rwanda, several Island States and soon Australia, have the XO, an open-source, open-hardware, open-robotics and open-community laptop convertible into a tablet annex robots; Haiti, Australia, Cameroon, Mongolia and several school networks in the United States are going along the same path.
  6. Though some European kids may have an iPad class, may they still be missing the boat or are they on the wrong ship?

Reading the wikipedia or being part of the wikipedia? That seems sum up both projects. A programmed to fail device or a laptop-x-tablet made to be repaired: all the same screws, only 1 standard + screwdriver needed?

Sincerely, skype SvenAERTS - OLPC Community Brussels http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Europe Tel: +32 2 7 876 7 21 gsm: +32 487 580 265


  1. Belgium: Mr Olivier BELLE Deputy Permanent Representative - dispatch.belgoeurop@diplobel.fed.be
  2. Bulgaria: Ms Aneliya KLISAROVA Minister for Education and Science GIS@government.bg
  3. Czech Republic: Mr Jindřich FRYČ Deputy Minister for Education, Youth and Sport http://www.msmt.cz/contacts-and-informations jindrich.fryc@msmt.cz posta@msmt.cz
  4. Denmark: Mr Ole TOFT Deputy Permanent Representative brurep@um.dk
  5. Germany: Mr Guido PERUZZO Deputy Permanent Representative info@eu-vertretung.de
  6. Estonia: Mr Clyde KULL Deputy Permanent Representative Clyde.KULL@mfa.ee
  7. Ireland: Mr Ciarán CANNON Minister of State with responsibility for Training and Skills ciaran_cannon@education.gov.ie
  8. Greece: Mr Konstantinos ARVANITOPOULOS Minister for Education and Religious Affairs grplk@culture.gr
  9. Spain: Ms Monserrat GOMENDIO KINDELAN State Secretary for Education, Vocational Training and Universities - cniie@mecd.es
  10. France: Mr Vincent PEILLON Minister for Education epbrussels@europarl.europa.eu
  11. Croatia Mr Goran ŠTEFANIĆ Deputy Permanent Representative goran.stefanic@mvep.hr
  12. Italy: Mr Marco PERONACI Deputy Permanent Representative rpue@rpue.esteri.it
  13. Cyprus: Mr. Kyriakos KENEVEZOS Minister for Education and Culture moec@moec.gov.cy
  14. Latvia: Ms Ina DRUVIETE Minister for Education and Science evija.papule@izm.gov.lv ina.druviete@izm.gov.lv
  15. Lithuania: Mr Dainius PAVALKIS Minister for Education and Science ausra.velickaite@smm.lt
  16. Luxembourg: M. Claude MEISCH Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth http://www.men.public.lu/fr/annuaire/index.php guy.strauss@men.lu maurice.broers@men.lu patrick.bichel@men.lu
  17. Hungary: Ms Rózsa HOFFMANN State Secretary for Education, Ministry of Human Resources info@nefmi.gov.hu
  18. Malta: Mr Neil Kerr Deputy Permanent Representative pr.maltarep@gov.mt
  19. Netherlands: Ms Jet Bussemaker Minister for Education http://www.algemenebestuursdienst.nl/organisatie/wie-is-wie/K.2004.0648.html r.bagchus@minocw.nl
  20. Austria: Mr Harald GÜNTHER Deputy Permanent Representative bruessel-ov@bmeia.gv.at
  21. Poland: Ms Ewa DUDEK Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Education and http://www.men.gov.pl/index.php/o-ministerstwie/departamenty-i-biura Department of Strategy and International Cooperation (DSWM)

Tel: (22) 34-74-312, Fax: (22) 34-74-253 Director: Urszula Martynowicz Department of Quality Education (DJE) Tel: (22) 34-74-792, Fax: (22) 34-74-160 Director: Margaret Szybalska Department of General Education (Cape) Tel: (22) 34-74-141, Fax: (22) 628-81-36 Director: Anna Wesołowska informacja@men.gov.pl

  1. Portugal: Mr Nuno CRATO Minister for Education and Science gabinete.ministro@mec.gov.pt
  2. Romania: Mr Remus PRICOPIE Minister for National Education daniel.funeriu@min.edu.ro returned an error. Thus tried contact@min.edu.ro doesn't work either.
  3. Slovenia: Ms Metka IPAVIC Deputy Permanent Representative metka.ipavic@gov.si
  4. Slovakia: Mr Alexander MICOVČIN Deputy Permanent Representative alexander.micovcin@mzv.sk ivan.hromada@mzv.sk
  5. Finland: Ms Krista KIURU Minister for Education and Science firstname.familyname Krista.KIURU@minedu.fi
  6. Sweden: Ms Ulrika STUART HAMILTON State Secretary to the Minister for Gender Equality firstname.lastname@gov.se Karin.Frostell@gov.se Ulrika.STUART.HAMILTON@gov.se doesn't work Ulrika.STUARTHAMILTON@gov.se doesn't work
  7. United Kingdom: Mr Matthew HANCOCK Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Department for Education matthew.hancock.mp@parliament.uk
  8. EU Commission: Ms Androulla VASSILIOU Member George-Michael.ZISSIMOS@ec.europa.eu (ict in education)