OLPC Europe/Meetings/2008-02-07

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Summary of the second #olpc-europe irc meeting.

  • 24.1.2008, 17:00 UTC, 70 minutes
  • log, log_summary
  • Participating: crazy-chris, h01ger, b457144n, groupsky


  • Projects from people / national grassroots
    • Chris has been at the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen. Interest in OLPC was high, but unforutnately not mange games were developed for OLPC.
    • Bastiaan mentions the Making Miles for Millenium 2008 project. A couple will travel by bus through Poland, Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, India, visiting OLPC projects and helping out.
    • A Dutch school is interested in starting a pilot
  • Infrastructure status
    • domain names status quo: olpc-europe.org and olpceurope.org point to OLPC Europe, no mail addresses are in use
    • application of dev project for newsletter,etc. has stalled. Holger will send a reminder email to the devel list
    • Chris has been too busy to work on the newsletter. He will post a request for newsletter content on the mailing list, because without help the 10 Feb. newletter will be rather short. The news will be collected on a wiki page since the git repo is not available yet.
    • Chris, SJ and Aaron have been working on a web application where people can apply for laptops for their projects: projectdb.olpc.at.
    • No t-shirts will be available at FOSDEM, unless YOU print and bring them. A logo, made by Yokoy, is available.
    • The event will be more an open but structured discussion, rather than a talk. details on the event-wikipage.
  • Pilot projects



  • Bastiaan
    • write meeting summary
    • document startup of NL pilot
    • send suggestions and request for ideas on how companies can donate manpower instead of money to the grassroots list
  • Chris
    • send request for newsletter content to the grassroots list.
  • Holger
    • send reminder for next meeting to the grassroots list
    • finalize the agenda for the fosdem event a week in advance. discuss at next meeting
    • link together the existing two pages about pilots
  • Open
    • establish _and_ document a procedure how to get a pilot started