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During the last 12 months many OLPC grassroots initiatives in Europe and elsewhere in the world popped up, to promote the OLPC idea locally in their communities, to help children locally and globaly.

OLPC Europe aims to be a focus point to share experiences, ideas and work between those local groups and towards the global OLPC project. Like the global project we aim to be an education project and use that laptop as a means.

This meeting aims to get the different people from any OLPC related initiative together, to get us know each other and to discuss the feature of the young OLPC Europe project.

If you intend to participate please enter yourself at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Europe/Events/FOSDEM


Press articles

Date, Time & Location

People attending, from OLPC groups


Final agenda - do not edit without consulting holger@layer-acht.org or h01ger on IRC

  • introduction & welcome (h01ger)
  • olpc europe - our vision (h01ger)
  • overview of existing tools (h01ger)
  • introduction round: someone from each european OLPC project should briefly introduce each project
  • three discussion rounds:
    • legal body / formale structures of OLPC Europe
    • guidelines for local groups: Are foundations needed to coordinate the activities in a country, to find subsidies, to have 1 communication channel to OLPC and to press / government / etc and to assure the quality of the activities (to avoid damage to the name of OLPC)? If so, are there guidelines from OLPC.org? If there are no guidelines, what should be the minimum of framework to set up such guidelines?
    • pilots

I dropped the following items from the agenda:

  • Important contacts within Europe to accelerate the introduction of OLPC organisations and the introduction of the XO in education.
  • g1g1 europe - ideas, pro and contra, status (none or it's an idea, currently)

Because: the whole event is about getting to know each other and making contact. The purpose of OLPC Europe is to become a central contact place, eg in this wiki or at this event. And IMO there is nothing to discuss about G1G1: many people think it's a great idea and it should happen. (Others probably don't think so.) And there is hardly anything we can discuss at the meeting to make it happen, so what's the point in discussing this?