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  • document xs-repo better
  • document fai basics even better ;)
  • implement backup script, ~/olpc/olpc-user-data-backup/ has the backup script from the list...
  • live-installer (was: livecd)
    • use fedora7 updates too
    • update configs from cronjob
    • make it possible to trigger build manually
      • run another cronjob every minute to see if build has been triggered manually
    • check for config changes every hour and trigger build if needed
      • also compare against previous package list
    • waiting for next anaconda bugfix, submit it as bug to bugzilla
    • run fai from anaconda postinstall
      • with config from cd, then switch to network config
      • add xs-repo: rm /etc/yum.repos.d/ on livecd, then fcopy -r /etc/yum.repos.d
      • "copy" packages from fai to livecd.ks
      • keyboard-settings via COUNTRY.var: Argentina Brazil Libya Nigeria Uruguay Rwanda
      • install kernel,postfix,ntpd,squid,mpp, apache, dyndns (at least for now) with fai and livecd
      • backup script
  • mirror
    • set it up with fai
    • provide mirror via nfs
    • mail the cron output to an alias
    • daily mirror snapshots with links
  • xs-repo
    • 1st rename to xs-repo :)
    • set it up with fai
  • schoolserver
    • add libertas kernel
    • reinstall-safe partition layout (data partitions), to ensure we can reinstall the schoolserver and dont have to upgrade from fedora7 to 10 manually...
  • xs-dev2fai
    • mkdir /var/www/html/holger && chown
    • setenforce permissive, otherwise vhost doesnt work
    • /e/h/conf.d/*
    • mirror and builder, also sudoers for builder
    • ipv6
    • comment out requieretty in /e/sudoers
  • lovelace
    • configure xs with fai
      • for backup
      • for wpa
  • more fai work:
    • svn commit softupdate-git-rpm branch from local disc
    • configure remote logging
    • randomized cron for updates

open questions/remarks

  • - looks outdated
  • how to define classes for a host? map mac-addresses to machines to classes? -> file in /etc
  • livecd-creator has the following in its config file: rm -rf /usr/share/doc/* - thats not soo good ;)
  • The liveinst bits are included in anaconda since anaconda- So liveinst packagae is not needed anymore.
partitioning proposal
20gb for /
5gb for /tmp, maybe 10
5gb for /var/log, maybe 10
10gb for /var
260 for /home (or 250) or diving this into /home and /$path/backup

some links

To easy searching: Holger Levsen