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2007 status: green
Ομάδα Υποστήριξης του OLPC στην Ελλάδα

Update: Καλή χρονιά με αναβάθμιση των ΧΟ (ελληνική γλώσσα)

Researching on Knowledge and Education: migrant objects in schools [1]

The OLPC in Greek Schools

630 OLPC XO-1s have been deployed to 35 schools around Greece so far.

The initiative began in early 2009:

The students of the 6th grade of the 2nd primary school in Florina and those of the 3rd grade of the junior high school of Sminthi at Xanthi region are experimenting, on a daily basis, with educational concepts and collaborative processes through the use of XO-1 student laptops. With the financial help of [EEL/LAK] and the coordination of Re-public 45 ΧΟ-1 laptops have been dispatched to these classes since the beginning of the school year. At the same time, the procedures for a pilot order of more ΧΟs are set, since our presentations in conferences and other events always end up with questions from teachers on how they could do the same thing in their own classes. An open call directed to teachers/classrooms/schools:

The possibility for an order of 500 more ΧΟ-1s in 2009 results to an initial open call for participation directed to primary and junior high school teachers. In the next 3 workshops (at Thessaloniki, Athens, and Patras) on what has been done up to now and how the action will continue, approximately 60 people take part (teachers and students) so that a network of directly concerned people is created. In all the schools that sign up, via their teachers, at least one classroom is designed to work with the laptops.

This project includes three modules that aim at the introduction of new tools in the educational process, tools that on the other hand:

- make, through their design and use, the school lesson more collaborative

- invite the teachers, as well as the students, to learn and create through new ways for the diffusion of educational concepts

- the teacher is, always, a central point of reference but not only point of reference in the educational procedure

[Read more http://www.re-public.gr/en/olpc/?page_id=4]

Ενημέρωση για τη δράση ΧΟ σε ελληνικά σχολεία- Σεπτέμβριος 2011

A report from the field, October 2011

The list of teachers/classrooms/schools that are now using the ΧΟ-1

For a full list of teachers/classrooms/schools that are now using the ΧΟ-1, in Greek, please follow the link http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=t2xwTIdhL0tPhA2LKsPYHAQ&single=true&gid=3&output=html

OLPC_Greece/Observations and conversations with the teachers and students using the XO-1's with basic patterns of XO use

Applications and translations

The upgrade of the laptops is now complete. The following features were installed:

  • latest software and firmware editions
  • Greek language and web settings
  • One application designed especially for Greek schools. Check out the wiki of the Graph activity

The Greek translations:

- the Greek translation of the Sugar manual at http://translate.flossmanuals.net/sugar_el

- the Greek translation of the XO manual at http://translate.flossmanuals.net/xo_el

- the Greek translation of Sugar at http://translate.sugarlabs.org/el/

How to

How to type Greek characters on the XO-1s

How to update an OLPC - Αναβάθμιση ΧΟ με Ελληνικά

What's next

  • March - December 2011

We plan to organise and hold 3 workshops based on Sugar and the various Sugar applications. This is an activity that already takes place in various occasions and will be further supported

We are working on better localisation of Sugar and Sugar activities (spell checking facilities all around the platform, sugar-wide dictionary, new pedagogical activities), using sensors and based on existing platforms and repackaging wikipedia, in order to include various Balkan language resources with further material (ex. index of Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg).

Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::630
Keyboard Layout Keyboard::OLPC international keyboard
Build ,|x|Software release::x}}
Date(s) Arrived in Country ,|x|Has received laptops on date::x}}
School Server ,|x|School server status::x}}
Deployment Status Deployment status::Organized by a network of teachers. Individual saturated classes of students at many schools.

What people write about or do with XOs in Greece

  • In the Greek Media [2]
  • In the summertime, some of the student laptops come out of the classroom and head towards public spaces becoming the occasion for more play and meetings [3]
  • OLPC XOs and their introduction the classroom [4]
  • The deployment of OLPC in Sminthi [5]
  • Student projects with the OLPC XO (YouTube channel) at [6]
  • Scratch project_Kerameikos_1 [7]
  • Scratch project_Kerameikos_2 [8]
  • A short illustration of XO activities in Greece [9]
  • Random thoughts

Our mailing list

Support and discussion at OLPC <Olpc-republic@lists.hellug.gr>. You can subscribe at http://lists.hellug.gr/mailman/listinfo/olpc-republic

Ιστορικές σελίδες (Στα Ελληνικά)