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So you want to run a pilot project? This page contains case studies, deployment reports/analysis, and advice directly relevant to pilot stakeholders.

General Preparation Guides

Preparing parents and teachers

Intro to Sugar and Sugar Activities

These materials will give teachers and parents an idea of what can be done with Sugar, the software environment originally developed by OLPC and now developed by SugarLabs:

For another list see SugarLabs videos page

Lesson Plan integration ideas

Here are some ideas to start discussion about how one might integrate Sugar into the classroom. These are not normative of course - just examples.

Have a look at the Intro to Sugar and Sugar Activities section too

  • New Group Started on Curriki for lesson plans. Please contribute so this repository will grow. This lesson plan template‎ is quite comprehensive.

Pilot proposals

Case studies

Deployment Reports/Analysis



Participation suggestions

For everyone

It's An Education Project - SugarLabs Deployment blogs

For software

Materials Needed

We don't know of any place one can get:

  • a screencast of Write activity suitable for introducing teachers / parents to how it can be used in the classroom / at home.

Please add anything you want to this list. We point people at it when they ask "what can I create".